Ogaden: Plight of Muslims under Ethiopian occupation

gI_97907_ogadengroupshot[1]While the Western powers support Ethiopian war on Somali Muslims, the Jewish controlled media never mention Ethiopian occupied Ogaden region whose Somali Muslim have been fighting against Ethiopian occupation for the last 700 years.

On December 28, 2006, Ethiopian troops succeeded in occupying Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The excuse cited was to end the supposedly oppressive rule of the Islamic Court Union (ICU), which had come to power six months ago. With reports even by some Western think tanks describing the brief rule of the ICU as a ‘golden age’ of peace and security for Somalia, it was apparent that Ethiopia’s intervention was far from humanitarian.

In fact, for the Ethiopians the occupation of Mogadishu was the final chapter in a series of wars fought in the Horn of Africa which began with Abyssinia’s aggression against its Muslim neighbours over 700 years ago. Most of these wars took place in the Ogaden, an ethnically Somali and Muslim-majority province under Ethiopian occupation. For 700 years the Muslims of the Ogaden have refused to live under foreign rule, repeatedly taking up arms against any foreign power that tries to subjugate them. That resistance continues today.

Using the bogus War on terror which according to US Sen. Chuck Schumer serves Israel’s interests, to delegitimise the resistance and declaring Ethiopia to be a secular island in a sea of Islam, Ethiopia has again managed to earn political, military and economic assistance from the Western world, to the extent that it was finally able to occupy the Somalian capital of Mogadishu one. The move came out of fear that the ICU would reinvigorate the jihad in Ogaden. On the other hand, the Muslims of Ogaden remain forgotten, unheard of by their Muslim brethren at best and deliberately abandoned to the Ethiopian wolves at worst (here).

The Ethiopian regime receives more than 50% of its federal budget in aid from the US, Britain and the European Union.

Hollywood’s 2001 movie Black Hawk Down was a PR stunt to cover-up America’s meddling and military humiliation in Somalia.

Graham Peebles, a British freelance writer and director of The Create Trust a UK registered charity he founded in 2006. He has lived in Ethiopia for two years helping victims of Western wars in the region. Watch below his film: OGADEN: Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame.


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