UK’s David Cameron resigns: Good riddance

Britain[1]On Thursday, Brits voted (52:48) in favor of Brexit: to leave the European Union.

As result, the demoralized pro-Israel prime minister David Cameron announced that he would step-down by October.

I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,” he told reporters outside his Downing Street office.

Professor David Hirsch (University of London), who is Jewish and blind supporter of Israel called the vote “huge boost to all racist and ethnic nationalists parties across Europe.” Interestingly, most of these White supremacist parties are pro-Israel, and anti-Muslims.

Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Muslim immigration French National Front party was overjoyed with UK leaving the EU. She tweeted: “Victory for Freedom! As I asked for years, it’s now the same referendum in France and the EU countries.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, a Crypto-Jew hailed the vote as the UK’s “independence day”. Last month he said that a “Jew-hating extremists” run Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. In April 2015 in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Farage said that British Jews are fearful of British Muslims.

Pro-Leave Tories including former Mayor of London Boris Johnson (Jewish) and Justice Minister Michael Gove (a “proud Zionist”) – who are both likely to be among contenders to be the party’s next leader – had signed a letter to David Cameron overnight urging him to stay on whatever the result.

On Twitter, EU Parliament president Martin Schulz (Jewish) called for a “speedy and clear exit negotiation.”

Personally, I think UK being out of the EU wouldn’t reduce the plight of 2.7 million Muslims living the country – as UK’s all four major political parties are controlled by Jewish money and the press. However, some UK’s Muslim leaders believe they would be better off by staying in. Let’s keep our fingers cross.


2 responses to “UK’s David Cameron resigns: Good riddance

  1. As Atzmon says, Britain is out of the EU but far from being emancipated:

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