51 State Dept. Zionist ‘dissenters’ urge Assad’s removal

6280634062706310[1]On Friday, three top Israel Hasbara US media outlets, the NYT, WP, and WSJ leaked the news that 51 US State Department officials in a signed memo to John Kerry have logged their displeasure at Obama administration failure to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power.

The officials believe that the US goals in the region (hegemony of the Zionist entity) would not be advanced if we don’t include the use of military force an option to enforce the cession of hostilities and force the Assad regime to negotiate a political solution on our terms (isolate itself from Iran).

The memorandum shows a continued anxiety within the pro-Israel US foreign corps that other powers (Iran, Russia, and Hizbullah) continue to hold more chips in Syrian war than Washington. This may have its roots in some Freudian-genital complex, the inadequacy of how best to project influence and power. There are Assad allies, stealing one initiative after the next, attacking all groups fighting Assad. There is Assad, with his promise this month that he would take back every inch of Syria from forces aligned against him.

Fact or a propaganda ploy, the news provided a sort of booster to John Kerry’s statements in the past , saying: “US is not after a regime change in Syria, but Assad must go.” Kerry applied a similar lie about installing a pro-US Jewish regime in Ukraine.

I wrote in July 2011 that the war to remove president Bashar al-Assad was an Israeli Project from day one.

The great prize in US and more broadly speaking Western designs on Syria, is the removal of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Assad is the convenient figure of moral outrage, skint on the issue of following international laws, but determined to hold firm before groups he regards, with very good reason, as terrorist malefactors,” Dr. Binoy Kampmark, an Australian academic said on June 21, 2016.

Dr. Philip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism official wrote an article about these 51 traitors, entitled, More bombs and Less Talk on Syria.

It is interesting to note, per the New York Times article, that a reluctant Pentagon has been engaged in pushback against the advocates of deeper involvement in Syria. As ever, it is the Foggy Bottom’s non-combatants with no skin in the game who are the fiercest chair-borne warriors. What the signatories to the memo appear to sidestep is the inevitable conclusion that their recommendations are a reversion to George W. Bush foreign policy at its most pig-shit ignorant. But perhaps it is all old wine in new bottles, particularly if one accepts that the memo might actually be an application letter to join the hawkish Hillary Clinton foreign policy team. Bomb al-Assad to make him agree to our terms. Ignore Russian interests. Don’t worry, it will all work out,” he said.


One response to “51 State Dept. Zionist ‘dissenters’ urge Assad’s removal

  1. So both the NYT and the WSJ have copies of the latter yet neither (much less the State Dept) wants to release the names of the 51. Why? Too many of them end on “stein,” and “berg”? And why exactly 51? To allude to the fact that Israel is the first of the new total of 51 US states.

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