Orlando gay nightclub shooter also killed a deadman

3+monkeys[1]Last year I reported that the Jewish kid Noah Pozner who was reported killed as result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012, was also amongst the 137 students killed at the hands of CIA-Mossad-RAW created terrorists who attacked a military-run school in Peshawar in Pakistan on December 16, 2014 (here).

The ‘official story” of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting – A gay named Antonio Devon Brown was amongst the 50 people killed by gay shooter Omar Mateen on June 12, 2016. However, the WOWK-TV News says Antonio Devon Brown died in shootout in 2013 in W. Virginia. He was shot and killed by a bouncer after he began shooting at Shoop’s Bar in Huntington (here).

I don’t mind if you call it a coincidence or even a miracle but Israel is the only one which has benefitted from the 9/11 and other 6 percent terrorist acts blamed on Muslims.

Ken Adachi, editor of Educate Yourself Org. claimed on June 17 that Orlando Shooting was another hoax carried out by the US government.

 “I strongly doubt that anyone was actually killed at the Pulse nightclub. However, if you base your opinion on what you read in mainstream news articles or what is presented on TV, radio, or CNN, you will be convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that a massacre took place because the written word and TV commentators and ‘family member’ interviews are being orchestrated to pluck the heartstrings of an easily-duped and gullible public by a ubiquitous Zionist Propaganda Machine that is skilled at (and accustomed to) hoodwinking the public,” Adachi said.


2 responses to “Orlando gay nightclub shooter also killed a deadman


    Needed for a drill during the Democrat Convention coming up.

  2. I’d like to see a photo of Antonio Devon Brown to judge just how photogenic he was. Noah Pozner was a very cute kid.Very photogenic. I can understand how they felt it would be a waste to ‘kill’ him only once.
    Have you ever bought a photo frame they sell with a photo inside to show you how a picture might look in it? I have always wondered who those people are, whose photos are in those frames for sale, for years and years, unchanged. Perhaps Noah Pozner is an old man now who as a kid posed for some publicity photo. Perhaps he died in the meantime. But neither at Sandy Hook nor in Pakistan.

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