Israel dump ‘antisemite’ Ethiopian Chief Rabbi

29a3[1]The Zionist regime practice double standards for every thing. It has even standard for a “good rabbi”, and a “bad rabbi”. For example, on Sunday, Ashkenazi Rabbi Shlomo Mimad, chairman of the council of rabbis in the West Bank called upon the illegal Jewish settler terrorists to poison Palestinian through their water supply (here). Even though Palestinian Gandhi‘s government in the West Bank protested, no action was taken against the “good rabbi” by the so-called Israel Rabbinate Council.

At the same time, in a surprise move, Israel’s Religious Services Ministry has informed the Chief Rabbi Yosef Hadane of Israel’s 135,000 strong Ethiopian community that his tenure is to end at the end of next month.

Rabbi Yosef Hadane who has served the Ethiopian community for 30 years claims he was fired for criticizing the Zionist regime’s racist policies toward the Black Jews.

The Tzohar rabbinical organization expressed its shock “at the desire to remove Rabbi Yosef Hadane, whose only sin was that he supported Jews of Ethiopian origin in their just struggle to register for marriage as Jews in Petah Tikva.”

Whatever the case may be – there is no denying to the fact that Israeli society is based on racism ; religious, ethnic, nationality and gender.

To understand the plight of Ethiopian Jewish community Israel I would like to quote Gideon Taylor’s confession at the New York Jewish Week published on May 23, 2016.

39 percent of Ethiopian-Israeli families live in poverty compared with 14 percent of all Jewish families in Israel. 27 percent of Ethiopians get a diploma that would enable them to go to a university as compared to 51 percent for the general Jewish population. And 19 percent of Ethiopian-Israeli men and 33 percent of women are employed as unskilled workers compared to 4 percent of the general Jewish population,” said Taylor.

A quarter of a century after those heady images of an historic Jewish community being flown thousands of miles to freedom, we need to tackle the issues facing Ethiopian Jews not only as a modern day challenge of how to integrate a population with a different color skin but also as a defining moment for us as Jews,” Taylor added.

However, the Jewish apologist avoided to mention that in 2013, the Zionist regime deported tens of thousands of Jews and other Africans to Uganda and other friendly African countries in return for military contracts.


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