French ‘Jewish Brigade’ threatens BDS supporters

cstaazqweaeu1dh[1]On Thursday, anti-Muslim French extremist Jewish group Brigade Juive (Jewish Brigade)announced that it had sent over eight thousands of threatening e-mails and messages to BDS supporters in France, Australia and Israel.

The message posted on groups’ Facebook page reads: “We have a very particular set of skills -which we have acquired over a very long period of our career. Skills that make us a nightmare for people like you. Israel boycotter should understand we will be scalping you one by one, group by group.”

The Jewish Brigade was founded by an Israeli Jew thug by the name Yossi Ayache, who lives in Netanya, Israel. The group has hundreds of young French Jewish terrorists who utilize violence against French Muslims and anyone else who dare to criticize Israel, Jewish Lobby power in France or Holocaust.

The Jewish Brigade is affiliated with Ligue de Defense Juive (LDJ), the French version of the notorious Jewish Defense League (JDL), founded by the mass-killer US-Israeli Rabbi Martin David (Meir) Kahane in 1968.

Interestingly, the governments in those three countries are lead by Zionist Jews (here and here).

The French government with help of its Europe’s largest Jewish community (600,000), and Israeli Mossad has committed several terrorist false flag operation in the recent years which it blamed on Muslims to demonize country’s 6-8 million Muslim population – great majority of which supports Palestinian struggle against the Jewish occupation.

On June 30, Barack Obama signed the so-called Anti-BDS Bill which said that as long as the BDS movement targets only the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and not the Zionist entity – the US State Department will not classify it a Terrorist Organization like Islamic groups Hamas or Hizbullah which are fighting Israeli occupation of their homelands.

Netanyahu has equated the BDS movement with Blood Libel in order to expand new illegal Jewish settler colonies in the west Bank and East Jerusalem, and rob US taxpayers of additional $1 billion per year in military aid for the next 10 years. In reality the BDS movement legitimizes the pre-1967 Jewish occupation of historic Palestine. Last year, Dr. Ludwig Watzal claimed that BDS movement is hijacked by Liberal Zionists.

In France BDS, like the challenging the myth of Six Million Jews Died, is considered a hate crime.


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