Bangladesh: Israel behind killings of bloggers

e4d9_11[1]On June 6, 2016, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan accused Israeli agents of carrying out the recent assassinations of country’s anti-Islam Hindu and other minority intellectuals and bloggers. He claimed that he has the proof of Israel’s involvement in those murders blamed on religious Muslim groups.

Asaduzzaman Khan said that there is evidence that some foreign countries are involved in creating tension between the country’s Muslim majority (87%) and Hindus (12%) in order to destabilize the country bordering India’s West Bengal state.

Asaduzzaman Khan was condemned by the Israeli and Western press for making such ‘antisemitic’ claim.

Last month, MP Aslam Chawdhury from BNP opposition party was arrested after he met Mendi N. Safadi, member of Netanyahu’s Likud party while visiting India. Mendi Safadi is founder of Israeli advocacy group, the Safadi Center for Public Diplomacy and International Relations, which is linked with Israeli Mossad.

Last year, anti-Islam Indian blogger Avijit Roy, was hacked to death by a mob in Dhaka while on a visit to Bangladesh to promote his new book. The attack occurred while Roy accompanied by his secularist Muslim wife Rafida Ahmed, a blogger herself, were returning from a book fair at Dhaka University, a den of anti-Pakistan academics and students since 1950s.

On Sunday, the suspected killer of Roy, Sharif was shot by Dhaka police to protect the ‘official story’. He was the second suspect to die as result of police shoot-out.

On June 7, Hindu writer Ishaan Tharoor claimed at the Israeli propaganda mouthpiece, Washington Post that Hindu and Christians are being killed by the so-called Islamic state which is now blamed on Israel. How rude considering the brain behind the creation of Bangladesh was allegedly an Indian Jew, Indian Army’s Lt. Gen. (ret) Jacob Farj Rafael (here).

In 1971, Israel played a major in the creation of Bangladesh by Indira Gandhi out of the former East Pakistan.

On August 19, 2009, American blogger John Kaminsky, posted an article, entitled, Second Israeli State emerging in India, claiming that the Zionist regime is eyeing on India’s three Eastern states known for opium production.


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