‘We Love Gaza’ – The Documentary

RT documentary We Love Gaza is about the resilience of Palestinian youth during and after the 2014 Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip. The Israeli carpet-bombing of civilian targets turned many areas of Gaza into ruins – which became a training ground for young free runners. The sport, also known as parkour, is particularly dangerous in debris-strewn Gaza, but the young men say that as Palestinians they’ve become accustomed to danger. Watch the documentary below.

Dr. Mona El-Farra, MD, director of Gaza Projects whose several family members were killed during the Israeli bombing of civilian targets in 2014, described the daily life in Gaza Strip.

Israel is killing and destroying homes, schools, infrastructure – everything.  When Germany bombed London during World War 2, the English built bomb shelters under London underground stations to protect civilians. Even with shelters, the English evacuated hundreds of thousands of children from any area that might be targeted, even sending thousands of children overseas for safety.  But in Gaza’s case, where can our children go? Where can our people go? We are not safe at home and not safe in United Nations facilities. We are targeted by the Israeli military just because we are Palestinian. Our Israeli attackers are cowards because they target civilians and especially children. They are trying to kill the future of our people by targeting the next generations,” she said.

But I’m very proud of the people in Gaza. Despite all of the pain and violence, people are coming together, supporting one another, sharing whatever they have. It’s an issue of survival. Israel’s attacks are aimed at killing us as individuals, as a country and as a cause. So I get up every morning because it is my duty to my community and because I know others are doing their duty to keep me and my country and my cause alive,” she added.

Tania Hary, the director of the Israel-based Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, says: “Gaza’s 1.8 million people cannot leave the territory without permission from Israel or Egypt. For example, In 1999, there were well over 26,000 exits from Gaza daily via the Israeli-controlled Erez crossing. In contrast, there were about 570 exits with Israeli travel permits a day in 2015.”

Last year, Democrat Congressman Jim McGovern, a blind supporter of the Zionist entity, claimed that despite the Gaza ruling Islamists Hamas is publicized as a great threat to Israel, it’s the only group that can guarantee Israel’s security.


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