Alison Weir: Israel is a major threat to peace

alisonweiredited[1]American writer, editor, author, and peace activist Alison Weir is founder and executive director of If American Knew, news and commentary website, and president of The council for the National Interest. She writes mostly about Palestine-Israel conflict and America’s drone war on Pakistani civilians.

Alison Weir like British author Gilad Atzmon is one of the few pro-Palestine activists who are hated by both the pro-Israel Lobby groups and some of the so-called Palestinian Solidarity movement members like the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. However, lucky for Ms Weir she was not called a “Jew hater” by either of the Jewish organizations, but blamed her for being associated with some of millions of “Jew and Israel haters”.

Alison Weir claims that not only does Israel brutalize the Palestinians, but through its intimidation tactics, it corrupts the American political system and prevents criticism of its conduct from being voiced by the mainstream media. As a result, she contends, Americans are kept in the dark about how their taxes fund Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians,” states Jewish supremacist ADL.

To great dismay of the Zionist and crypto-Zionists, Alison Weir received more support than her accuser ever dreamed off.

Recently, Algerian journalist Mohsen Abdelmoumen interviewed Alison Weir.

  • She claimed that American taxpayers give $10 million per day to Israel that already have higher standard of living than most of its Arab neighours thanks to the powerful Jew lobby groups and mainstream media.
  • White Western leaders and press portray Israel as “the only democracy in the region”, and committed to”freedom of speech” – Alison Weir claimed that Zionists have little attachment to principles such as democracy or freedom of speech.
  • Ms. Weir explained why Jewish Lobby hate her: “I think that Zionists of all stripes fear exposure of the full facts on this issue. While open Zionists, soft Zionists (people who only oppose the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank but support Israel’s core, discriminatory identity), and many people who say they are no longer Zionists but who still seem to have an emotional attachment to Israel have long opposed If Americans Knew, my book seems to have particularly triggered escalated attacks on me.”
  • On Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and other groups spilling blood of innocent Muslims and Christians in the Middle East – Alison Weir said: “From its earliest beginnings, the Israeli strategy has been one of “divide and conquer.” Israeli leaders feel that any and all actions that cause strife within and among its neighbors benefits Israel, and Israel has often played a role in creating and/or nurturing such strife. This tactic has been discussed in a number of Israeli strategy papers.”
  • Israel has long been a major threat to peace. It has caused numerous wars and encouraged still more. Its possession of nuclear weapons threatens the region and beyond and its actions could trigger a global conflagration,” Ms. weir said.

One response to “Alison Weir: Israel is a major threat to peace

  1. Having read Ms Weir’s excellent study “Against Our Better Judgment” (2014), I am glad to corroborate the facts and opinions given in this blogpost. May Ms Weir’s book find many other readers!

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