US set to ‘liberate’ Eritrean people

Eritre[1]Today, BBC reported that Eritrean forces killed 200 Israeli-trained Ethiopian soldiers and wounded another 300 during a latest clashes between the two neighboring African nations.

Eritrea is tiny African nation of only six million people, more than 70% of them are Muslims. Its current government is fiercely independent which poses a threat to US-Israeli plans for African continent. Washington had been using the Zionist dominated US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI) to prepare ground for a ‘Libyan-style’ humanitarian invasion of Eritrea for years in order to install a American poodle government (here).

On June 15, 2016, Glen Ford, editor Black Agenda Report (BAR) posted an excellent article exposing Washington’s evil agenda against Eritrea.

The US is moving towards war against Eritrea, a fiercely independent African nation of only six million people. Washington has deployed its UN “human rights” proxies to justify another “humanitarian” military intervention, remarkably like the UN-sanctioned aggression against Libya, in 2011. The UN panel charges Eritrea with “enslaving” and murdering its own people – a pack of imperial lies. Obama is set to add another war to his bloody legacy,” Ford said (here).

War an chaos have continued on the African continent thanks to European colonists. After the colonial powers like England, France and Dutch withdrew in the 1950s and 1960s, they left behind their brainwashed secular and communist stooges to administer the African nations for their old colonial masters. Most of these post-colonial dictatorships followed systematically anti-Muslim policies. One of the African countries which suffered the most is tiny Eritrea which was part of Ottoman empire for over 200 years.

Eritrea has great strategic significance for the Zionist entity. Eritrea controls the southern entrance to the Red Sea, and thus all traffic between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean which happens to be the only Israeli trade link to the outside world (here).

Even though Muslims make a clear majority, country’s first president Isaias Afwerki, 70, since 1993, is Catholic.


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