Canada: Iran to pay $13 million to victims of Israeli terrorism

remote+control+bombing+of+Gaza[1]On June 10, 2016, Ontario Superior Court Justice Glenn Hainey awarded $13 million in non-diplomatic assets seized from Iran to the families of Americans who died in several attacks globally, which had allegedly been sponsored by Tehran between 1983 to 2002.

The judge found Tehran responsible for financing and training members of Palestinian and Lebanese Islamic resistance groups, i.e. Hamas and Hizbullah, fighting Israeli aggression and occupation. Both groups are accused of carrying out eight bombings or hostage-takings in Argentina, Israel, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia over a period spanning nearly 20 years.

The suit was heard under the 2012 Justice for Victims of Terror Act, passed by former pro-Israel and anti-Muslim government of Stephen Harper, which allows the families’ victims to collect damages from state sponsors of terror groups.

Canada severed its diplomatic and trade relations with the Islamic Republic in 2012 to please Israel. Canada designated both Hamas and Hizbullah as ‘terrorist organizations’ a decade ago.

Harper government’s decision was lauded by then Israeli president Shimon Peres, a War criminal, as “Harper’s support for Israel never indifferent, never neutral.”

In response, an Iranian diplomat called Canada; Israeli lap poodle.

Ontario court decision comes in the heel of US Supreme Court decision to award $2 billion to families of the victims of 9/11.

Last month, Iranian Majlis (Parliament) voted a bill obliging West’s “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani administration to demand $50 billion compensation from the United States for 63 years of hostile actions and crimes against Iranian nation.


2 responses to “Canada: Iran to pay $13 million to victims of Israeli terrorism

  1. Iran should join the alliance called BRICS,* in which “I” should stand for Iran nor for treacherous India. No assets of any nations that want to be sovereign should be held in Rothschild banks.
    Soon to be called RICS because Brazil has been hijacked.

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