Joseph Hirt: The latest Holocaust imposter

Poland-born Jewish American Joseph Hirt, 90 has long claimed he was taken prisoner by the Nazis in 1941 in Belgrade. In April 2016, his own nephew Andrew Reid, a history teacher in Turin in New York has exposed Hirt as an “imposter’.

Andrew Reid attended Hirt’s lecture on April 15 in Lowville and listened to his uncle’s gripping firsthand experience at the so-called Auschwitz Death Camp, and his eventual escape to receive money as a ‘Holocaust survivor’ from Germany, Switzerland, Poland, etc. for decades.

Reid was struck by discrepancies in Hirt’s version of events and in the evidence Hirt provided in support of his claims. Hirt’s nephew has since acknowledged his story as a lie. Hirt, meanwhile, stood by his claims.

In researching Hirt’s claims, Reid concluded he lied about being imprisoned at Auschwitz, escaping from the camp and about his face-to-face encounters with the likes of SS physician Josef Mengele (died in Brazil in 1979), the so-called “Angel of Death.”

In a document put up on Scribd, Reid revealed that Hirt claims to have been captured by Nazis and sent to Auschwitz in 1941. He has said in various accounts that he escaped from Auschwitz in March 1942 – specifically, March 31, 1942, which he remembered because it was his father’s birthday.

However, the prisoner number tattooed on Hirt’s upper left forearm belongs to a Polish person who entered Auschwitz in 1944, Reid says, citing officials at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum website also says the practice of placing tattoos on the inside of the upper left forearm of Auschwitz prisoners, where Hirt’s is located, did not begin until 1943, years after he claims to have arrived.

As for Hirt’s escape, Reid said officials at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum told him that there was only one escape recorded in the months surrounding Hirt’s alleged date of escape, and that person was not him.

There is also the photo frequently displayed by Hirt at his speaking engagements which he claims was taken by an Auschwitz guard and which shows him emaciated and on a stretcher shortly before his escape in 1942. However, that photograph, according to Reid, was actually taken by a US soldier liberating Dachau labor camp.

In April 2016, when former London Mayor Ken Livingstone said that Hitler was a Zionist, he was not joking.

The Zionist offer, made by Avraham “Yair” Stern, and Yitzhak Shamir, who later became Prime Miniser of the Zionist entity – to fight for the Nazis originated with the Jewish settlers in Palestine who found the British colonial administration unwilling to turn the region into an exclusively Jewish homeland,” Peter Winter claimed in his 2014 book, The Six Million: Fact or Fiction.

Last year, David Cole, a Zionist Jewish White supremacist, claimed Holocaust narrative is based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries.



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  1. “David Cole, a Zionist Jewish White supremacist..”
    A what?!?! Mixing apples and oranges here, aren’t you?

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