French ex-Chief Rabbi condemns Tel Aviv gay parade

Last week, Rabbi Joseph Sitruk, who had served as France’s chief rabbi from 1987 until 2008 condemned the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade held on June 3. He called it an abomination and attempt at moral extermination of the People of Israel.

The Torah determines that homosexuality is an abomination and considers it a human failure. The danger seems to me grave enough for everyone to shout their opposition in the face of such an offense,” said Sitruk on June 3, as tens of thousands marched through Tel Aviv in its 23rd annual gay pride event. “I hope the listeners will react in a radical manner to this abomination,” Sitruk said.

On June 9, the JCC Association of North America reported that nearly 200,000 people marched together to celebrate the Tel Aviv Annual Rainbow march.

Several French Jewish organizations have condemned Rabbi Sitruk for his ignorance and bigotry.

French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia defended Sitruk to Actualite Juive, saying he would never call for violence. But Korsia added that he can understand how Sitruk’s remarks may be shocking, particularly in light of the last year stabbing of six people attending the Jerusalem Gay Parade by a religious Jew.

On August 5, 2015, Ofri Ilany in a post at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, entitled, Homosexuality Is Part of Jewish Tradition, said that “contrary to the common perception, intimate relations between people of same sex didn’t always have a negative image in Jewish communities.”

Nazis had charged sexologist and gay rights activist Magnus Hirschfeld that as a Jew he brought the “oriental vice” to Germany.

American professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), a lesbian herself, claims that Gay Rights movement is Jewish.

The best article I ever read about the reasons why the Organized Jewry supports gays and lesbians, was posted by the Canadian gay blogger Simon Jones in 2004.

Tel Aviv is home to 280 brothels and 10,000 sex-slaves. The city also prides itself as ‘Pink City’, and is destination of LGBT communities and all expense-paid travel-package for the American lawmakers.

Gaza-based Arabic news agency Shehab in widely-shared Facebook posts mocked the Jewish gay parade. How rude!


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