Pope Francis to shed tears at Auschwitz

On June 9, Vatican announced that kosher Pope Francis will visit Auschwitz labor camp to beg forgiveness of 1.5 million Jews killed by Catholic and Frankist Jew Nazis in Europe during WWII. Pope is visiting Poland next month to bless the Catholic World Youth Day in Krakow.

In December 2006, Austrian chief rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman speaking at Tehran Holocaust Conference had claimed that Nazis couldn’t have killed more than one million Jews.

We should focus on the reality that the behind-the-curtain individuals and financial providers as well as perpetrators of some of the World War II crimes had been Zionists themselves,” Friedman also said.

Jewish press has reported that pope Francis will meet a delegate of the so-called Holocaust survivors. One wonders why Vatican never bothered to acknowledge German Christian Holocaust at the hands of Jews, Russians and Americans.

Francis will also commemorate the 1,050th anniversary of Christianity in Poland, pray at the icon of the “Black Madonna” of Czestochowa, and hear confessions and have lunch with some of the young people attending the youth day gathering.

The pope’s visit July 27-31 will be his 15th trip outside of Italy. He will visit three cities, give eight speeches and celebrate three Masses.

Last year Polish-born professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) in an article claimed that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during the WWII. The article was published in pro-Israel German newspaper Die Welt. He also accused Poles being Europe’s top antisemite people.

Dr. Gross in his 2001 book, Neighbors, claims that during 1941 Nazi occupation, Poles killed thousands of their Jewish neighbors.

Zitzhak Shamir, former Israeli prime minister and member of Jewish terrorist militia Lehi said:Poles imbibes anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk (here).

In April 2015, FBI director James Comey accused Warsaw in helping Nazis to kill Polish Jews.

Islam was brought to Poland by Muslim Tatars over six centuries ago. Currently, there are 5,000 Muslims living in the country.


5 responses to “Pope Francis to shed tears at Auschwitz

  1. No Tartars! They are called “Tatars”. You should know your Muslim brothers better than your Jewish enemies !!!

    • Sorry dear for the typo mistake. I have already corrected it. All Tatars are not my “Muslim brothers” – like my Kurd “Muslim brothers” – they too, have Christians and Jews among them. There are over 70,000 Kurd Jews citizen of Israel.

      I never forget when I called Kosovo by its Albanian name KOSOVA in the past, I was chased by the Western Judeo-Christian internet mafia for not knowing the history of Europe.

  2. Don’t get upset, OT. They have been called by both names:
    “”Tatar” became a name for populations of the former Golden Horde in Europe, such as those of the former Kazan, Crimean, Astrakhan, Qasim, and Siberian Khanates. The form Tartar has its origins in either Latin or French, coming to Western European languages from Turkish and Persian (tātār, “mounted messenger”). From the beginning, the extra r was present in the Western forms, and according to the Oxford English Dictionary this was most likely due to an association with Tartarus.”
    “Nowadays Tatar is usually used to refer to the people, but Tartar is still almost always used for derived terms such as tartar sauce or steak tartare.”

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