Finkelstein on Palestine, Sanders and BDS

American Jewish academic and author Norman Finkelstein has thrown his support behind member of his tribe, the Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a con Zionist Jew. Readers don’t have to take my word. Anti-Hamas Rabbi Michael Lerner claimed Bernie Sander to be Israel’s best friend on May 26, 2016.

Finkelstein is also openly anti-DBS movement even though the movement defends the Zionist Entity.

On May 22-24, Dr. Finkelstein and Pakistan-born British author and film producer Tariq Ali, discussed several topics related to Israel and Palestine (watch video below). The discussion was moderated by Paul Jay of The Real News Network.

On April 27, Finkelstein was interviewed by Phillip Weiss and Scott Roth, publisher of Mondowiess news website. He told the fellow Jews that Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people living in the West Bank have said little to defend Gaza solely because they have sold out to Israeli and Western interests in exchange for financial security misses three additional factors. He also asserted that there was never any real threat to Israelis from Hamas misguided rockets during the summer of 2014 while Israel was destroying Gaza.

On the Palestinian front, the salient development has been the successful conversion of the West Bank into a mini-Jordan. The Israelis made a calculation in 1993. Why can’t we create a little Jordan in the occupied Palestinian territories? We’ll just pay off enough VIPs in the PLO, and the US or Jordan will train the security services. The PLO will then do all the torture, they’ll do all the dirty work, and we’ll be relieved of the two biggest headaches inflicted on us by the first intifada: the public relations catastrophe, caused by media images of soldiers with Uzis beating children with stones, and the burden of having to mobilise the reserves to suppress a mass uprising,” Finkelstein said.

The Oslo accord was designed to rid Israel of these two headaches. Number one, we’ll let Palestinians do all the dirty work. These liberals and human rights groups won’t be on our backs anymore because we won’t be doing the torture. It worked. I can’t think of a single report in the past decade by a major human rights organization, such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch (HRW), on the West Bank. Occasionally, local Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations issue reports. But, however valuable, they’re not high-profile; they don’t garner media attention. It’s Arabs torturing Arabs, so who cares? And now, when there’s an Israeli massacre in Gaza, the PA represses demonstrations in the West Bank, so far fewer Israeli soldiers are required, and they don’t need to call up the reservists. The PA protects Israel’s rear. It’s the same right now with the so-called third intifada. It’s the PA that’s repressing the rebellion at Israel’s bidding,” Finkelstein added.

When asked about Bernie Sanders’s views on Israel/Palestine conflict, Finkelstein admitted: “They make me cringe.” He said, however, the Muslim support for Jewish politician like Bernie Sanders puzzled him.

Ask yourself, would American Jews in their majority vote for a Muslim? Never. Impossible. But Muslim Americans are rallying behind Sanders, even as he supports recognition of Israel and its right to live in peace. Why? Because he comes across as a fair and decent guy. That’s so moving, so wonderful, so inspiring. It gives hope that a better world is possible,” Finkelstein said.



5 responses to “Finkelstein on Palestine, Sanders and BDS

  1. 1. You forgot to mention that Paul jay too is a Jew.
    2. “That’s so moving, so wonderful, so inspiring. It gives hope that a better world is possible.”
    Not my feelings. A better world will never arise out of one side and only one side willing to make it so. The distinction is due to the fact that the Palestinians (like Arabs and Muslims in general are not racists while the Jews are deeply racist.) But I don’t find the muslims attitude to Sanders “moving” or “wonderful” or “inspiring.” I find it dangerously naive.
    They don’t have to become racists to reject him, only AWARE.

  2. FYI:
    1. Palestinians are 90% Sunnis Muslims but find reliable friends among Shi’ite Muslims in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan.

    2. A “racist” cannot be a true Muslim according to Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s (pbuh) teachings. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali were the living proof of that.

    3. I dislike Sanders not because he is a Jew – but because like Dr. Chomsky, he a “closet Zionist”.

  3. On #3 you are on shaky terrain:
    ““Being a Jew and a Zionist are one and the same” (Jewish Chronicle)
    By Gilad Atzmon
    Anti-Zionist Jews insist that Zionism and being Jewish are entirely different matters that have nothing to do with each other. Jonathan Boyd, the Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) claims the opposite. According to Boyd, statistics proves that “being a Jew and a Zionist are one and the same, they cannot be separated out.” Demands to separate Zionism and the Jews tear “Jewishness in two,” Boyd wrote today in the Jewish Chronicle.

    • I disagree. I’m sure Israeli propagandist ‘Jewish Chronicle’ distorted Gilad Atzmon’s statement. After all Atzmon and his British academic wife are both 101% Jewish but anti-Israel. There are 12.7 million world Jewish population out of which 5% are ‘Torah Jews’ who hate Zionism and refused to recognized Israel as a ‘Jewish state’.

      Furthermore, don’t forget there are over 65 million evangelic Zionist Christians plus many Catholics and Protestant politicians, Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby are committed Zionists.

      We can spot Zionists among Muslims i.e. Zakaria Fareed, Huma abedin, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, UK’s minister Sajid Javid, and Turkish president Erdogan to name a few. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and many members of his cabinet are known Hindu Zionists.

  4. No, the Jewish Chronicle did not misquote him. Read his own article on his site:
    In his writings, Atzmon hss made he case repeatedly that zionism is only another manifestation (like bolshevism or neoconservatism) of Jewish identity, which centers on tribal self-love and a belief in Jewish supremacism. People are not born Jews (except in a racist view), just as they are not born Muslim or Christian. Being raised as Jews and imbibing the Jewish identity certifies them as Jews, unless they abjure that identity, which Atzmon has done. He considers himself a “hebrew-speaking Palestinian born in a Jewish family. I cannot see that as being “101% Jewish.”

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