NY Governor: Boycott of Israel is illegal

The Catholic Zionist Governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, declared last week: “If you boycott against Israel, New York state will boycott you.”

Being Governor of a state that is home to country’s largest Jewish population, Andrew Cuomo proved that he was among the smart American politicians as they come. After becoming Governor, his first foreign trip was to Israel and pledging his obedience to Benjamin Netanyahu. Since Cuomo has set his eyes on the White House in the future – it’s an appropriate move.

I bet Cuomo is not that naïve to realize that the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement doesn’t pose any economical threat to Israel. Even Barack Obama has claimed that BDS is not anti-Israel. In reality, the BDS movement defends the Zionist Entity within the pre-1967 borders.

For some reasons, all pro-Israel Jews are not happy with Cuomo’s war on BDS because they believe it would hurt Israel’s image of a state which upholds the  “freedom and liberty”.

In a way, this will still be a win for the pro-Israel side, since, at least in New York, it is so political risky to advocate for Palestinian rights that finding a way to undo this order seems futile. But it is in its own way a defeat. It’s a sighing resignation that rather than confront the issues within Israel that have human rights activists concerned, anti-BDS allies threw all aspects of liberal democracy to the wind to just silence their voices. It may work. It may silence those voices, and may allow the Israeli right to keep its hold not just on official power but over what can and can’t be said about the country. But even in New York State it’s another hole in the already leaky vessel of liberal democracy being steered by moderate Zionists and defenders of Israel,” Ari Paul said at The Jewish Daily Forward on June 6, 2016.

Gilad Atzmon wrote on June 7, 2016, under heading, The One thing I Really Like about BDS – It’s very successful in evoking manifestations of the ultimate forms of Jewish power (here).

The Palestinian solidarity movement in its current form is dominated by Jewish activists.  It is, in essence, a Jewish project designed to divert attention from the ‘J’ to the ‘Z.’ In recent years we have seen JVP, Mondoweiss and BDS running relentlessly vicious campaigns against the best and most significant voices around (Allison Weir, George Galloway, Ken O’Keefe, Greta Berlin, Norman Finkelstein and many others). But, I think BDS is perhaps unintentionally serving its purpose – it unites the Jews. Both Zionist and the so called ‘anti.’ It provokes the Jewish world to expose its might. It reminds the rest of us of what we are up against,” Atzmon said.


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