Israel rejects Paris summit on Palestine

On Friday, French president Francois Hollande, a Zionist whore, opened a so-called “international summit” to restart peace talks between the Zionist colonial power and its Palestinian victims. The one-day summit was attended by foreign ministers from 29 countries plus John Kerry and Ban Ki-moon, but not the foreign ministers from the Zionist entity and Mahmud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu slammed the French government for interfering in Israel-Palestine conflict claiming that would boost Palestinian violence against the “peace-loving” Israeli Jews.

The fate of the French initiative was announced as “doomed to fail” by Dore Gold, head of Israel’s foreign ministry on Thursday.

On June 2, PLO secretary-general Dr. Saeb Erekat penned an Opinion Post for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz urging the international community to force Israel to accept the so-called Two-state solution.

For over 20 years, bilateral negotiations between Israel and Palestine failed on account of Israeli intransigence over its refusal to recognize Palestinian national rights and the continuation and expansion of its settlement enterprise,” he said.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in his book, Palestine: The Most Important Problem of the Islamic World has also doubted the viability of the so-called “two-state” solution (here).

Israel-born ex-military official, writer, author and peace-activist Miko Peled in a recent article, entitled, Another peace plan – would be funny if it wasn’t so terribly pathetic!, has claimed that Israeli Jews have no intention of living in peace with Palestinians.

For years Israel has been demanding recognition. They demand that the Palestinians recognize not only the State of Israel as a legitimate entity, not only the Jewish state as a state that is Jewish, not only that the Zionist 1948 occupation of Palestine be accepted, irreversible and legal but also that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – whatever the hell that means. Clearly the Jews in Palestine have issues with their own legitimacy and need constant reassurance and recognition of their legitimacy. But even if the Palestinian Authority did recognize that God almighty anointed Netanyahu as the sole inheritor of Palestine it would not make a shred of difference. The State of Israel is an illegitimate creation, born of racism and colonialism and gets its legitimacy only through the use of brute force,” Peled said.

The French announced also that if no progress is made (if??) in the peace process by September, France would considered recognizing a Palestinian state. And so, once again we say, who cares? European recognition of a non-existent Palestinian state has been an act of cowardice that is typical of European colonizers. It helped not a single Palestinian and has not deterred Israel from maintaining an apartheid regime while continuing with its slow genocide of the Palestinian people. So there will be one more insignificant statement made by the French, big deal!,” adds Peled.

It is (West’s) science fiction at and at worst it is a dishonest attempt at hiding the fact that Palestine is occupied and colonized so that there can be an Israel. It is the fig leaf that the Europeans and the Americans use to hide the fact that they are perfectly happy to be accomplices to Israel’s racist, genocidal policies and care not one bit for the lives, much less for the rights of Palestinians.  But the “civilized” world needs to show that they are trying and they need a pat on the back from time to time, so they announce a peace plan, or peace conference, or an attempt to revive the peace process,” Peled said.

Every Palestinian child knows two things: the town in Palestine from which they came and that that talk of peace with Israel is nonsense. Because in Palestine there are two options and only two options. Racist colonialism or freedom and justice. In other words, there can be a life of freedom and democracy which will allow the native Palestinians and their colonizers, the Israelis, to live in peace as equals, or there can be an Israel. The French peace initiative is a waste of time and money,” Peled concludes.


One response to “Israel rejects Paris summit on Palestine

  1. Daniel Margrain

    Remember also that Netanyahu is on record as having openly boasted that he derailed Oslo.

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