Amazon sells bathroom doormats with Islamic theme

On Saturday, several Hindu groups in India started #BoycottAmazon on social media after noticing that the popular e-commerce website was marketing bathroom doormats with pictures of Hindu gods.

Upset Hindus calling it highly inappropriate have urged world’s largest online retailer for the immediate withdrawal of doormats carrying the images of various Hindu deities-temples-saint and sold on its website


Things took a turn for the worse, when people realized that the website also had Holy Qur’an and other Islamic theme bathroom doormats for sale too (here).

The retailer, Rock Bull, in addition to Islamic theme doormat, was also marketing Jesus Christ doormat.

Last year, the retailer was forced to remove several items featuring a Palestinian blood-spattered Israeli flag including doormats, mouse pads, pillow covers and shower curtains after the Zionist regime and Israeli consumers protested.

The Amazon Com. was founded in 1994 by Texas-born Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Preston Bezos, 52, (worth $63.3 billion), who is also owner of Israel propaganda newspaper The Washington Post.

In December 2015, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump accused Bezos of using The Washington Post and other media outlets which were losing a fortune each year, for tax evasion. He alleged that without this “big tax shelter,” Amazon, which offers a rich collection of very popular and profitable online services as well as top-selling gadgets, would go down.

If Amazon ever had to pay fair taxes, its stock would crash and it would crumble like a paper bag. The Washington Post scam is saving it,” Trump tweeted.

In response, Bezos tweeted back: “Finally trashed by Donald Trump. Will still reserve him a seat on the Blue Origin rocket.”


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