Jordan gets a ‘Firm pro-Israel’ PM


On May 29, King Abdullah II the absolute ruler of Jordan, a British created entity, dismissed country’s partially-elected powerless parliament and appointed Hani Fawi al-Mulki as interim prime minister until the King decides to allow next elections.

Mulki, 65, like the King himself, is a known Zionist. His appointment has been hailed as, Jordanian King Abdullah appoints Firm Pro-Israel Prime Minister by the Israeli press.

The lawmakers in their last act of subservience to the US-Israel imperialism, passed the so-called “Investment Law” allowing the Western and Israeli investors to takeover entity’s economy.

Passing the investment law and allowing the Zionist entity to have control over our economics constitutes a serious threat to Jordan’s economic interests and its national security,” commented journalist retired Gen. Mousa al-Odwan.

In an interview with Qatar’s Al-Jazeera network on Monday, Husam Abdallat, a former top government aide at the office of the Jordanian premier, said al-Mulqi’s appointment was aimed at reviving Israeli-Palestinians talks sponsored by the French Jewish-controlled government in pursuit of a solution that would not benefit the Palestinian nation.

The TV channel also reported that the new prime minister has strong ties with the Zionist regime.

Jordan and Egypt are the only Arab countries that have inked peace treaties with the Zionist regime under Washington pressure. Egypt receives $1.3 billion annual bribe while Jordan receives $350 million bribe to guard Israeli borders. Israel on its part receives $3 billion annual military aid for not invading those neighbors.

Mulqi’s appointment amid reports that Israel and its allies, including the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, are planning to replace PA president Mahmoud Abbas a double agent, whose mandate expired in January 2009 with a far better Israeli poodle and anti-Hamas; the former leader of the Fatah movement Mohammed Dhalan. Dhalan, who maintains close contacts with Israeli Generals advised them not to withdraw Israeli forces from Gaza strip in 2005.

Abdullah born to a British mother, is not much different than his father King Hussein, the most popular Arab leader among Israeli Jews. King Hussein was installed on the throne by the British colonialists and later worked as a CIA agent for decades for a $1 million salary.


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