UK Jews tell Palestinian schoolgirl to shut-up

A Palestinian Muslim girl Leanne Mohamad, 15, of Wanstead High School won the Redbridge regional final earlier this month with a speech entitled, Birds not Bombs followed by a thunderous applause from the audience (watch video below).

The Speakers Trust that runs the competition on behalf of Jack Petchey Foundation, one of UK’s top charities. Sir Jack Petchey CBE, 90, a British property investment oligarch (£940m) established the foundation in 1999. So far the foundation has given £60m to provide opportunities for young people in London.

As a child I liked playing ‘hide and seek’, and I still do – but how would you feel if I tell you for some children around the world ‘hide and seek’ is not a game but matter of life or death. Think about it. How would you feel if I tell you that somewhere children wake-up every day with the noises of bombs and not birds. How would you feel if I tell you that there is place where children are not safe in their own homes How would you feel if your family members die in front of you,” Leanne said.

How would you feel if they have bombarded your country for the last 68 years, violated your human rights and killed your family and children? How would you react? It’s a question of justice. During the last half century, 30,000 innocent Palestinian children have been killed,” she said.

Palestine is one country, one vioce, one dream. Israel has been fighting Palestinians with most modern army. Palestinians have no army, no govern, and no money. It’s time to stop sufferings of Palestinians and children,” She said.

I’m Palestinian and human. I’m a Muslim. Islam is perfect, but I’m not. If I do something wrong, blame me for that and not my religion. Terrorism has no religion. Nobody should be discriminated based on religion or culture. Palestinians shouldn’t be discriminated for who they’re. Every day their homes are demolished. They’re left with nothing not even the basic human rights,” she said.

Animals are protected by their rights, Palestinians are human. One of three world refugees are Palestinians. Recently, one Palestinian child, only one year old couldn’t receive medical treatment for being a Palestinian. Discrimination still exits in Israel even today. The child died. He was my baby cousin,” she said.

“With that I leave you with thoughts from Nelson Mandela, who said: ‘Our freedom is incomplete with the freedom of Palestine.”

As if that was not enough to rub Zionists’ noses – Leanne Mohamad waved a tiny Palestinian flag and asked the audience to say: FREE PALESTINE. How rude!

The Jewish press has accused Leanne of invoking Christians’ Blood Libel against Israel.

Julie Holness, CEO of the Speakers Trust, and a Zionist poodle said that Leanne Mohamad had breached two fundamental rules that are made explicit during the training of the new generation of leadership; never criticize Zionist narrative of world history, and the “boundaries of free speech”.

As expected, the Speakers Trust has announced that Leanne Mohamad is banned to the next stage of the competition, and she will not be speaking at the Grand Final.

Leanne Mohamad does not say anything negative about Jews, or Judaism. She barely even mentions Israel. What is this “blood libel?” This “hate?” Mentioning the Nakba. Mentioning the suffering of the Palestinian people. Asking listeners to recognize Palestinians as human being. Saying that discrimination is wrong. Asking listeners to have empathy for Palestinian children. These are things that these hasbarists consider to be the same as racist bigots making up stories about persecuted Jews in order to justify persecution against them,” Thalwen, a British blogger commented on Lobby’s crying wolf.

It proves once again that giving a personal account of the Jewish occupation of Palestine, and a plea for an end to discrimination against Palestinians is not acceptable in the Zionist occupied UK.


6 responses to “UK Jews tell Palestinian schoolgirl to shut-up

  1. Daniel Margrain

    As a UK citizen, I’m really concerned about the extent to which the pro-Israel-Zionist lobby are exerting their power which is seriously undermining democracy and free speech here. It’s an absolute scandal that a 15 year old girl is intimidated in this way and the Zionist scum apparently get away with it. There is currently an online appeal doing the rounds on social media to demand the girls’s freedom of speech. I’ve signed it and I encourage others to do the same.

  2. It is not just the UK ,Daniel Margrain , it has been happening across the entire world.To our great shame that we let it happen.Thank you for doing your part.

  3. Beautiful girl, inside and out

  4. Israel and the Jewish lobby in the world, remove people who criticize on Israel, it also includes the Israelis all over the world.

    They also delete articles that criticize Israeli policies.
    With Internet searches, about Palestinian and Israeli issue, I find every time missing articles which did not flatter Israel.
    Last example is an old article about Moshe Dayan, who stole the antiquities of Palestinians.
    I have the photo-copy story on my Facebook including a link. But clicking on the link you get an error page – 404 Page not found.

    Another thing that Israel does, it’s rewriting history anew, with the addition of incitement against Palestinians.
    It happens on Wikipedia pages, and it happens in a lot of sites.

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