Iran’s International Zionism Cartoon contest

2091395[1]In order to educate public about the Zionist crimes committed against humanity, one of Iran’s religious institutes, MASAF, has announced to hold an international cartoon contest on Zionism.

The Zion Caliphate International Cartoon and Caricature Contest will be held in two categories, the institute announced on Sunday.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of the political Zionist movement, and Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom, are the themes of the caricature section.

Austrian-born Herzl was a promoter of anti-Semitism as he believed it would convince European Jews to migrate to British-occupied Palestine. Herzl discovered his Jewishness during the Dreyfus trial in France. He proposed various solutions to western political leaders and the pope to what he called the Jewish Problem. at one point, he proposed to resettle the Jews in Uganda. At another one he proposed that all Jews should convert to Catholicism. But finally he hit the idea of a Judenstaat, an exclusive state for the people who could prove that they’re born to a Jewish mother.

Personally, I don’t know why Queen Elizabeth is included the contest. Officially, she is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, which is currently headed by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, a Crypto Jew. She is also known to be the UK’s Masonic elites, who are anti-Muslim Zionists.

In fact, Zionism thrives on antisemitism. Israel’s first prime minister David Ben Gurion declared: “Not always and not everywhere do I opposed anti-Semitism.” Zionists regularly pull out their handy anti-Semite race card against anyone, Jewish or non-Jewish, who dares to speak out against the wickedness of Zionism (here).

The cartoon section will focus on terrorism and racism, and the crimes committed by the US-Israel created ISIL.

The institute asked artists from around the world to submit their works until June 16 – keeping in mind that Zionism is not Judaism.

Top winner in the cartoon section will be awarded $5,000 in cash while the first winner in the caricature section will receive $1,000.


2 responses to “Iran’s International Zionism Cartoon contest

  1. Daniel Margrain

    I look forward to the cartoons – a kind of antidote to the Charlie Hebdo propaganda. Je Suis Mohammed?

    • French cartoonist Zeon, who was arrested for his anti-Zionist work in March 2015, and Iranian artist Arash Forughi have won first prizes at the 2nd International Holocaust Cartoons Contest in Tehran.

      Zeon was awarded a cash prize of $12,000 in the cartoon section and Forughi received a cash prize of $7,000 in the caricature category during a ceremony held at the Art Bureau on Monday.

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