Slovakia: No place for Islam

Slovakia[1]On Wednesday, Robert Fico, Israel-First Zionist prime minister of Slovakia began his third term by stepping up his anti-Muslim rhetoric just before the country takes over the EU Council presidency next month.

It may look strange but sorry – Islam has no place in Slovakia. The problem is not migrants coming in, but rather in them changing the face of the country,” he claimed.

Fico supported his anti-Muslim rhetoric by quoting an advice from Maltese counterpart Joseph Muscat, who also fears the Muslim immigrants could bring back 220-year Muslim rule. Fisco also recommended that like Israel, European nations should use DNA test on all potential immigrants.

Zuzana Števulová, Human Rights League, has condemned Fisco’s remarks in a statement, saying: “We are disgraced by the public statements of Prime Minister and by this letter we wish to show support to Islamic Foundation and its community, which lives with us peacefully for long years. Islamic Foundation in Slovakia acts as most visible voice of Muslims living in Slovakia and provides spiritual, cultural and social services to its community. Islamic Foundation is led by Mr. Mohammad Safwan Hasna.”

There are nearly 5,000 Muslims living among 5.4 million country’s population – 68% of which is Catholic. The Slovak Christian majority refuse to forget the 150-year Turkish presence in the country, taking it as a pretext to bear grudge towards modern Muslims. Bratislava has refused to let Muslims build a mosque on a 1,000-square-meter plot since 2000.

Like the rest of European nations, Slovakians too have been put to shame by the Holocaust Industry for killing or expelling tens of thousands of Jews during WWII. The Zionist Mafia claims that 88,951 Jews lived in Slovakia in the 1940s, of which only 800 remains in the country.

Robert Fico has visited Israel on several occasions since 2007. In 2014, in a speech at the Holocaust memorial function in Bratislava Robert Fico apologized to the world Jewry for his country’s persecution of Slovakian Jews during WWII.


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