Muslim ‘House Niggas’ in the US Congress

I believe it’s world-famous Afro-American Muslim activist Malcolm X who defined his fellow Afro-Americans as ‘House Negro’ and ‘Field Negro’. He called himself a ‘Field Negro’.

There are only two Muslims in the US Congress, Keith Ellison and André Carson – both are Afro-American converts to Islam, and members of Democrat party.

Keith Ellison is no friend of the Muslim world. He has supported Washington in every recent wars against Muslim countries, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, and also supports Israel’s current proxy war in Syria. In September 2013, in a radio interview he said that he supports Barack Obama’s plan to bring a regime change in Syria – even if it needed a military force. However, Ellison did oppose American attack on Iran fearing it would be disastrous for the US, Israel and the western allies in the region.

André Carson believes the Zionist entity does has the right to exist. He supported Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008 and 2009 which resulted in death of 1,417 Palestinians including 313 children vs nine Israelis but no children (here).

Keith Ellison is Bernie Sanders man while André Carson says Hillary Clinton would be a good president for both Israel and America.

Recently, both Niggas spoke at the at National Press Club to discuss ‘Islamophobia and Hateful Rhetoric Directed At Muslims’. Both accused GOP leaders such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Peter King, etc. for stirring-up hatred towards Muslims and Islam while defending both Hillary Clinton, with Jewish family roots, and Bernie Sanders (Jewish) over their record of saying negative things about Muslims and Islam. Both also avoided to mention Clinton and Sanders’ blind support for the Zionist entity against Muslim world (watch video below).

Independent American journalist and blogger Rania Khalek said in February 2016 that while “Hillary Clinton slams Republicans for their anti-Muslim rhetoric, it is worth remembering her past willingness to throw Muslim and Arab Americans under the bus for political gain in the past.”

During her 2000 campaign while she accepted Jewish money, Hillary Clinton returned $50,000 election contribution from American Muslim Alliance (AMA).

London-born Hindu professor Arun Kundnani (New York University) says America uses 9/11 to destroy Muslim countries that might threaten the existence of the Zionist entity in the future.

“The promise of the so-called War on Terror was that we would kill them ‘over there’ so they would not kill us ‘over here.’ Hence mass violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Yemen, and Somalia – in the name of peace in the west. The “Authorization to Use Military Force” that the US Congress passed in the days after 9/11 already defined the whole world as a battlefield in the ‘war on terror’. President Obama continues to rely on the authorization to give his drone-killing programme a veneer of legality. This is the old colonial formula of liberal values at home sustained by a hidden illiberalism in the periphery – where routine extra-judicial killing is normalized,” Kundnani said.

Osama Husseini is communication director of the US-based Institute for Public Accuracy, founded by American Jewish columnist and author Normon Solomon in 1997. Read Husseini’s report on the two ‘House Niggas’ (here).


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