First Muslim candidate for US Vice-President

Will-Coley-for-LP-VP[1]On Wednesday, the republican and Democrat anti-Muslim presidential candidates received shocking news of a Muslim American Will Coley entering vice-presidential race in November 2016 elections. Libertarian Darryl W. Perry has selected Will Coley as his running-mate.

Coley, a lecturer, author, and radio-talk host has worked with Libertarians in Pakistan, the Islamic Republic, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Spain, Qatar, Afghanistan, Egypt, south Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Coley is national director of Muslims 4 Liberty, a NGO that seeks to educate Muslims and non-Muslim Libertarians about the common grounds between Libertarian movement and Islam. I don’t what’s Coley’s logic, but Jews and Christian Libertarians have long put their religions out of state, which is considered No.1 enemy of Libertarianism. Even Jewish agnostic Libertarian Murray Rothbard (died 1995) admitted: “We libertarians will never win the hearts and minds of Americans or of the rest of the world if we persist in wrongly identifying libertarianism with atheism. If even Stalin couldn’t stamp out religion, libertarians are not going to succeed with a few Randian syllogisms.”

However, Coley’s selection does make history as the first Muslim vice presidential candidate during an election in which anti-Muslim rhetoric has become such an integral part of multiple campaigns.

Prior to founding Muslims for Liberty, Coley co-hosted Tea Party Patriots Live, the first US radio broadcast devoted to the Tea Party movement. As a radio host, he watched the Tea Party movement get hijacked by Fox News and the Republican establishment, leading to the xenophobic and increasingly Islamophobic narrative that dominates the GOP today.

Personally, I believe Darryl W. Perry like Green Party’s Jill Stein (Jewish), has no chance to beat millionaires Hillary Clinton or billionaire Donald Trump.

Recently Coley was interviewed by Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief Mint Press News (watch below).


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