China’s ‘World Muslim City’

China and Russia are both recognized as colonial powers in the Muslim world. Central Asian homeland of Uighur Muslims (Xinjiang), three-times the size of France and rich with oil resources, is still occupied by China. China annexed it on August 27, 1949. Since then all Uighur resistance groups like Hamas and Hizbullah, have been declared “Islamic Terrorism” (here).

Confronted by Western powers, China’s communist rulers have been reaching-out to country’s next-door Muslim neighbors (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran), and Muslim nation in Africa (Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, and Algeria) for decades. In order to project China as a ‘tolerant society’ Chinese rulers have started an ambitious program of Arabic language education for young Muslims by hiring teachers from Muslim countries.

Currently, China is also in the process of building a $3.5 billion cultural park, called World Muslim City, outside of Yinchuan, in the region of Ningxia – expected to be completed in 2020.

According Jewish news website, The National Interest (June 15, 2015), Pakistan is China’s top ally in the Muslim world. This is not a good news for pro-Israel government of Narendra Modi in New Delhi, which is ganged upon by both China and Pakistan.

New Delhi has lost influence in Afghanistan, where President Ashraf Ghani has tilted his government toward Pakistan and China, as part of a bid to secure peace in his country. After coming into office last fall, Ghani’s first foreign visits were to Saudi Arabia, China, and Pakistan. His first presidential trip to India took place this April, after he suspended an arms deal with New Delhi,” TNI said.

Islam was introduced to China in 650 CE by Islam’s third guided Caliph Uthman bin Affan (r.a), who sent S’ad ibn Abi Waqqas (r.a) as ambassador of Islamic State of Medina to the Tang dynasty of China. It’s in 750 CE when Muslim soldiers were invited to train army of Tang Kings. Islam was spread in China via trade and not by sword. China’s ‘Columbus’ Admiral Zheng He (1371-1433) was a Chinese convert to Islam.

After the Rothschild funded Communist Revolution, over 20 million Muslim men, women and children were killed by the new regime under Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Shek. In 1936, the then Kuomintang Republic of China had an estimated 48,104,240 Muslims. According to current government statics, there are less than 30 million Muslims in China.

Listen to a lecture delivered by Rebiya Kadeer, leader of World Uighur Congress at Duke University on March 4, 2013. Her organization is supported by Washington, but not for its concern for the Hui, Uighur or other Chinese Muslims.


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