Armenian ‘genocide’ and Jewish Lobby

On May 13, 2016, Jewish lobby ADL’s top gun Jonathan Green­blatt announced that his organization wouldn’t campaign against Washington’s recognition of mass-killing of Armenian Christians  ‘genocide’ during WWI as long as it’s called ‘genocide’ and not Holocaust, which is reserved for the sufferings of ‘G-d’s Chosen People’.

Greenblatt’s predecessor, Abraham Foxman, an evil person by any standard had campaigned for decades against Washington’s recognition of 1915 Armenian ‘genocide’ on the lame excuse that that would hurt Turkey, the strategic ally of both the US and Israel in the Muslim-majority Arab region.

However, the main reason Foxman campaign against the recognition of Armenian ‘genocide’ was to keep Jewish skeltons in the closet, and Iran-Armenia friendship. Abe Foxman was supported by Israeli media, and other Jewish lobby groups including AIPAC, American Jewish committee (AJC), and B’nai B’rith International.

In 2007 Foxman arrogantly declared that the Armenian genocide doesn’t belong in the US Congress or the parliament of any other country. Yet Canada, France, Switzerland, Uruguay, the Vatican, a UN sub-commission, the World Council of Churches, the European Union Parliament, and many more have all acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.

On April 21, 2015, Jewish Clarion Project in order to cover its Jewish sponsors accused Muslim Brotherhood of denying the Armenian ‘genocide’ to please Turkey.

Why all of sudden, the “Jewish conscience” has started bothering Jewish Lobby? a good answer comes from American journalist and author Mark Arax at Salon on June 16, 2010.

Genocide denial is not a pretty thing, they now concede, but they did it for Israel. They did it out of gratitude for Turkey being Israel’s one and only Muslim ally. Now the game has changed. Israel and Turkey are locked in a feud over the Palestine-bound Flotilla that was intercepted on the high seas by Israel. Turkey is outraged over the killing of nine of its citizens on board. Israel is outraged that a country with Turkey’s past would dare judge the morality of the Jewish state. So the Armenian Genocide has become a new weapon in the hands of Israel and its supporters in the US, a way to threaten Turkey, a conniver’s get-even: Hey, Turkey, if you want to play nasty with Israel, if you want to lecture us about violations of human rights, we can easily go the other way on the Armenian Genocide. No more walking the halls of Congress to plead your shameful case,” Arax said.

In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama promised to recognize Armenian genocide if elected President. The anti-genocide ‘expert’, Samantha Power, currently US ambassador at United Nations publicly urged Armenian Americans to vote for Barack Obama because as president he would recognize Armenian genocide. In 2002, while promoting her Pulitzer-prize winning book A Problem from Hell, she like Helen Thomas in 2010, was baited by a cunning Zionist questioner, who asked her what would she advise to US President “who is involved in genocide in Israel-Palestine conflict”. She had responded that to prevent genocide, the US should be prepared to alienate a powerful constituency (Israel) and by sending a protective military force to prevent another situation like Rwanda. Since then the Jewish media has blamed her for calling an American invasion of Israel. Samantha Power and her Jewish husband played a major role in demonizing Libyan leader Qaddafi for the so-called ‘human abuses’. Currently, both are repeating the same lies against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


7 responses to “Armenian ‘genocide’ and Jewish Lobby

  1. So, the people who, as we all know, suffered the greatest tragedy (bar none) since the beginning of human history, the people whose eternal wounds are viciously ripped opened every time a vile anti-semite denies the H-t (the name is sacred and should not be spelled out), the very same people stepped on their hearts and denied another holocaust — the Armenian genocide — and they did that only because:
    “They did it out of gratitude for Turkey being Israel’s one and only Muslim ally.”
    I could kick myself for not realizing this until now when it is obvious that there are no other people on earth who equal the Jews in nobility of spirit, gratitude, loyalty as friends, and willingness to sacrifice for people of another religion. I am worried that this is not sufficiently known. We should spread the word. Really!…

  2. PS For people who know French and wish to better understand the depth of Jewish suffering because of anti-semitism I recommend the youtube sketches of Dieudonné dealing with the H-t and “la haine.”

    • Pro-Iran-Hamas Jew-hating Dieudonné has been banned to perform alive in my O’Canada, and all 16 European “civilized” nations that criminalize denying “Six Million Died” religion.

      Last week, he was not allowed to enter Canada to perform in the largest French-speaking city Montreal. In order to entertain his 600 fans who bought $50 each to see his performance via video link. At the end of the show, Dieudonné received standing ovation from those Jew-hating Christian audience (CBC, May 16, 2016).

  3. Indeed, Dieudonne went to Iran and met with ex-premier Ahmadinejad (again, for French-speaking viewers there is a video where he recounts his impression, his awe, but in his characteristic humorous way.
    A side anecdote: D. started his career with a Jewish partner (whose name escapes me and is not worth the bother of looking up) who was his straight man. D. wrote the material (he always writes his own material). They had enormous success lampooning everything and everyone, no bars held: blacks, whites, Christians, Muslims, etc. When he started satirizing the Jews his partner left him, whining in the press about ‘anti-semitism.’ They split and each went his own way. Typically his partner thought he was as good, in fact better, as a comedian and he had all the support of the judaized French media, with lots of time on the TV. Yet, where are they today? The Jew was completely unable to make it as a comedian alone despite the major support while D., harrassed, banned and vilified, is the #1 comedian in France and famous worldwide. The jew remains the comedian people refer to as “that jewish guy who was Dienudonne’s partner, what the hell is his name?’

  4. The dude’s name is Élie Semoun. He was born into a Moroccan Jewish family living in Paris. He said goodbye to Dienudonne because latter refused to share their income 50-50, and not over ‘antisemitism’.

    Élie Semoun supported Socialist leader Marrie Ségolène Royal, the Christian who gave birth to four children out of marriage as France’s “non-practicing” Jewish president Hollande’s “live-in-partner”.

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    Enemies of humanity!

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