India: Marital rape is kosher!

According to Indian government estimates, a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes while in United States a woman is raped every 90 seconds. In India, it’s blamed on Hindu scriptures teachings of woman being inferior to man. In United States the rape epidemic is blamed on Bible and Jewish-contrlled pornography.

In United states, marital rape (nonconsensual sexual intercourse with spouse) is a crime since 1975. Now, the same-sex couples are also demanding same rights.

In response nationwide protests after the gang-rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey in December 2012, New Delhi appointed a committee headed by Justice J.S. Verma to make recommendation to fight country’s rape culture. The Committee strongly criticised the legislature for not criminalising marital rape, saying: “The law ought to specify that marital or other relationship between the perpetrator or victim is not a valid defence against the crimes of rape or sexual violation.”

However, India’s Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi doesn’t agree with the recommendation. She has blamed India’s rape culture on poverty, illiteracy and the mindset of the society.

The Indian Penal Code does not consider marital rape to be something that is wrong and illegal. In its definition of rape, it specifies this exception: “Sexual intercourse or sexual acts by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.

TVF’s all women channel Girliyapa has tackled this type of ‘Indian rape culture’ in a parody sitcom. Spoofing the popular American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, they created a short sketch called How I Raped Your Mother. In it the protagonist wife Devi leave her husband’s house and complains to her family about getting raped by her husband. The family reacts violently until they realize she’s talking about marital rape. The mood changes instantly. Watch the sitcom below.

From laughing at her naivete, to dubbing marital rape as ‘intense lovemaking’ the whole of her family makes her understand that this is a non-issue. It is ultimately her husband who guilts her into believing that what she’s saying is preposterous and that she should not make a big deal of it because of all the sacrifice he puts in for her.

This sketch, complete with a laugh track and punch lines is neither funny, nor is it meant to be. It is nothing more than a slap to the faces of those who think a woman loses her right to consent to sex once she’s married. It is also a sad reflection of what countless women in world’s second-most populous country go through. Isn’t it time that something be done?


2 responses to “India: Marital rape is kosher!

  1. So India and USrael have “shared values”…

    • Yes – Hindutva and Zionist Jews both want a “world without Muslims”.

      In October 2014, the pro-Israel ‘Outlookindia’ online news magazine in an article, entitled “Holy Land’s Pin-Up Warriors” claimed that Israel’s Gaza Massacre had made the Zionist entity a role model for Hindu extremists to deal with its (Muslim) neighbors (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

      “To a large number of Indians who want to see the country emerge as a “tough nation”, Israel is a ready role model. This is a country that has survived in the teeth of constant hostility, winning several wars against a united Arab force; and, as the legend goes, never gives in to hostage-takers, kidnappers and those who try and use ‘terror’ as a tool to marginalize it. Added to all this are accounts of its commando rescue operations in bestsellers like 90 minutes in Entebbe and incidents like that in Srinagar in June 1991, where five of six Israeli tourists escaped after managing to overpower their Kashmiri captors. Such events have bolstered its macho image and deepened Indians’ admiration,” claimed the article.

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