Afzal Khan chased by UK’s Jews

Last week, the British Organized Jewry demanded that opposition Labour Party must suspend its lawmaker, Afzal Khan, for tweeting in August 2014 during Jewish army’s massacre in Gaza: “The Israeli government is acting like Nazis in Gaza.”

Scared to loose its Jewish money, the Labour Party announced that it had warned Khan not to make such ‘political wrong statements’ in the future – “but he would face no disciplinary action.” How rude!

In fact what Afzal Khan is being accused of, was said by Labour party’s veteran Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman during Israeli attack on Gaza in 2009. Watch below.

Last year, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned Kaufman for accusing the ruling Tory party receiving “Jewish money” in return for its blind support for the Zionist entity.

Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party had led to a pro-Israel bias in the Conservatives,” Kaufman said.

Pakistan-born Afzal Khan, 58, a “moderate Muslim like London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is a Member of European Parliament (MEP) and member of Labour Party. Khan is also co-founder of interfaith group, The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester with Rabbi Arnold Saunders. In 2008 Khan received UK’s highest national award, CBE, for community and interfaith work. Khan was Lord Mayor of Manchester from 2005 to 2006.

Khan is married with a son and two daughters, one of whom, Maryam has served as a councillor in the area of Longsight.

UK-born Sajjad Karim, 45, Bangladeshi, who practices at Supreme Court, is the first Muslim to be elected to European Parliament in 2004 on Liberal Democrat party. Later he became smart and switched to the ruling Tory party. He was re-elected to EP in June 2009. He is also vice-president of EP committee on antisemitism and Islamophobia.

India’s Hindu extremists have long been allergic to historic Muslim leader Afzal Khan.


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  1. From Bangladesh with love:

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