Obama bribed ‘moderate’ Jewish groups over Iran

psychiatrist_sleeping_during_session_hg_clr[2]Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both,” Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister (d. 1945).

On May 22, 2016, UK’s top pro-Israel Jewish racist news website, Jewish Chronicle, claimed the White House paid $576,500 to “moderate” Israel lobby group, J Street, to divide America’s 2% Jewish population over the so-called US-Iran nuclear agreement.

According to JC, the Washington-based National Iranian American Council also received a bribe of $281,000 from the White House. The anti-Islamist group was founded by Iranian-born non-Muslim Dr. Trita Parsi in 2002. Parsi still believes that Muslims committed 9/11.

On May 21, UK’s Guardian newspaper accused America’s top Jewish propaganda outlet, National Public Radio (NPR) of receiving $100,000 from San Francisco-based Ploughshares Fund that sponsors scientists and activists who are against the spread of nuclear capability to Muslim nation-states. The Ploughshares Fund  was founded by Sally Lilienthal (d. 2006) in the 1980s. She had the honor of three Jewish husbands and headed Jewish human-rights groups, NAACP and ACLU at California chapters.

On May 9, Joe Cirincione, head of Ploughshares Fund  debunked The Jew York Times’ lies that the White House lied to American public on US-Iran nuclear agreement. He said that Obama administration did not mislead public over its negotiations with Dr. Ahmadinejad and Dr. Rouhani governments in Tehran.

“The imagined plot to sell out our Middle East allies to Iran is a common talking point of the anti-Iran far right, without any supporting evidence,” Cirincione said.

In London, Paris, Berlin and Washington the deal was evaluated on its merits, not on spin. Nor did we wait for the White House to fire the starting gun. Ploughshares Fund, the group I head, began our campaign to shut down Iran’s paths to a bomb six years ago. We helped fund a network of experts, advocates, faith leaders, military leaders and diplomats who trade views and coordinate efforts,” he added.

On May 20, Iran’s foreign minister Dr. Zarif in a joint news conference with New Zealand’s foreign minister Murray McCully accused Washington of cheating on the so-called P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran.

We have not fully achieved what we must have, and more measures need to be carried out by the US,” he said. Zarif’s remarks came as Jewish-controlled major European banks are still refraining from handling Iranian payments four months after the lifting of sanctions on Tehran.


6 responses to “Obama bribed ‘moderate’ Jewish groups over Iran

  1. “the White House paid $576,500 to “moderate” Israel lobby group, J Street, to divide America’s 2% Jewish population over the so-called US-Iran nuclear agreement”

    Very smart in a typical Jewish way: the Jews laughably called “left” get to fool America and the world that they are not a cohesive tribe, that supposedly there is an oh, so vibrant diversity of opinion among them in regards to Israel, and they get to do it on US taxpayers’ money! Can’t beat that.

  2. It’s the Jewish character.
    To “suck” money from any one, any organization, any country.
    Which is of course accompanied with lies, distortions, cheating, forgery, evading taxes, and more.

    So grow Rothschild family. so Koch family, so Bernard Madoff. so Sheldon Adelson – casino business, So all the oligarchs Jews in Russia, and so all rich Jews in the world.

    from the Palestinians, Israel squeezes and steals money all the time. This is when they raid on banks, money exchange shops, and from private homes.
    Also thousands of arrests each day of Palestinians, and fines thousands of shekels from every one, by the courts.

  3. @Bi Glazer: the Koch brothers are not Jews

  4. From what I know the Koch brothers are of German origin. The fact that the name of the “twice blessed” (jewish and gay) former mayor of NYC was also Koch doesn’t make all German Kochs Jewish. It only means lots of central European Jews took German names.
    Nevertheless, just because they are not Jewish doesn’t mean they don’t toe the line.

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