Muslim states block LGBT groups from UN AIDS meeting

I hate to admit David Horowitz was right – Muslims do hate LGBT people. Being it Israel’s secret WMD, such hatred is considered an old-fashioned ‘anti-Semitism.

The Jewish media reported on Thursday that 51 out of 56 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have blocked eleven LGBT groups from participating a UN-sponsored AIDS meeting to be held next month.

United States ambassador at United Nations, Samantha Power, slammed the Muslim states for hating Jewish values. Ambassadors from Canada and EU nations also condemned IOC for its intolerance towards LGBT communities. OIC members include anti-Israel Muslim states like Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq and Sudan – but also include Israel-friendly states like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, UAE, India, Algeria, Tunisia, and Uganda.

Given that transgender people are 49 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population, their exclusion from the high-level meeting will only impede global progress in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic,” Power stated in a letter to UN General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft.

The movement to block the participation of NGOs on spurious or hidden grounds is becoming epidemic and severely damages the credibility of the UN,” she added..

Egypt wrote to the president of the 193-member General Assembly on behalf of the OIC to object to the participation of the pro-LGBT groups. It did not give a reason in the letter. My guess is it’s due to LGBT community’s deep links with Zionist entity because the Zionist Jews are the founders of most LGBT support groups in the “civilized” West.

In 2014, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said the UN would recognize all same-sex marriages of its staff, allowing them to receive its benefits. Russia, with the support of 43 states including Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, India, Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria, unsuccessfully tried to overturn the move last year.

In February 2015, the 54-member African Group, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the 25-member Groups of Friends of the Family led by Belarus, Egypt and Qatar protested six new UN stamps promoting LGBT equality.

These days, it’s not considered odd to meet a gay or lesbian rabbi. The latest addition to this “holy profession” is Rabbi Sandra Lawson, an Afro-American Christian lesbian convert to Judaism because she found it more supportive of women of her kind.


5 responses to “Muslim states block LGBT groups from UN AIDS meeting

  1. I hope OIC blocked the LGBT groups because they are not sufficiently inclusive, at least not explicitly so: pedophiles have no representatives although they are a thriving community among Jews (including rabbis) and an oppressed minority in the Catholic Church.
    Of course, Muslims are prejudiced against all alternative lifestyles, an issue that deeply preoccupies pro-Palestinian Jews who understandably see it as one of the (if not THE) most pressing issues of the Islamic world in general and of the Palestinians in particular, second only to anti-semitism. I wonder how Abunimah feels about it, given the fact that he is both gay and friends with progressive pro-Palestinian Jews dedicated to leading pro-Palestinian movements in the West in fighting anti-semitism.

    • Your religious knowledge is pathetic. Many Judeo-Christian historians have claimed that both Jesus (sic) and St. Paul were gays. Holy Qur’an challenges this Talmudic slander against, but doesn’t recognize St. Paul as Jesus’ disciple.

      How Islam (not some Muslims) treat gays and lesbian – I leave it to Canadian gay blogger, Simon Jones to teach you a few things about Islam. In an article, entitle, ‘Gays and Jews, birds of same feather‘, he said that Muslim societies are more tolerant towards gays than the West. He claimed that Muslims don’t hate gays as long as they carry-on their activities in their own backyard. However, they do want gays to get involved in the normal human activities; get married with opposite gender and raise a good family. He said that Muslims don’t misuse gay communities as a political PR as Israel does.

      Ali Abunimah is a Zionist apologist in Palestinian camp. I remember how he along with 20 other “moderates” condemned Gilad Atzmon’s book, “The Wondering Who?”. You can read my review of the book below:

  2. Hello. I just discovered your blog. I want you to know that I was never a Christian. I did not convert to Judaism from Christianity. Thank you. for mentioning. 😀

    Sanda Lawson.

    • Sorry dear – my information was based on the following news item posted at JTA on June 19, 2016.

      Lawson grew up in a military family and, while Christian, wasn’t raised religious. Her first exposure to Judaism came in an Old Testament course at St. Leo University in Florida while she was serving in the Army as a military police officer. Following military service, Lawson became a personal trainer in Atlanta, where one of her clients was Joshua Lesser, a Reconstructionist rabbi and local activist for racial justice. She began attending services at his Congregation Beth Haverim, a synagogue for the LGBT community, and converted in 2004.

      Shalom and wish you the best in life.

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