Chutzpah – Jewish Lobby to fight Islamophobia!

JSIL[1]The Hebrew term Chutzpah is a con game of ‘divide and rule’ by the pro-Israel lobby groups by playing Good Jews – Bad non-Jews stage drama.

It seems the Jewish Lobby has failed to stop Donald Trump getting GOP presidential nomination to face Democratic party’s Hillary Clinton (I bet Bernie Sanders will bless Hillary and may decide to run as her vice-president).

After enjoying Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim garbage for many months, global pro-Israel Jewish lobby, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which declared boycott of Germany in 1933, has announced the creation a Jewish-Muslim advocacy group to fight Islamophobia. The group is headed by Robert J. Silverman, former US State Department official.

Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish languages, Silverman served, among other posts, as political counselor in Tel Aviv, economic counselor in Riyadh and Baku, deputy economic counselor in Ankara, political officer in Cairo and Jerusalem, as well as Provincial Reconstruction Team leader in Tikrit, Iraq. In Washington, he has served as Director of the Iraq Reconstruction and Economic Affairs Office, and Kuwait desk officer.

I’m sure AJC will find many Uncle Tom aka ‘moderate Muslim’ within America’s seven million Muslims who never heard of Professor Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University) claiming that Zionist Jews are behind Islamophobia.

Holy Qur’an is accused of spreading hatred toward non-Muslims by the Judeo-Christian mafia. However, both the Old Testament and the New Testament command more violent treatment of others than Holy Qur’an. For example, Book 1 of Samuel, features a wrathful G-d who arranges cruel fates for any group that gets in the way of ancient Hebrews. The New Testament’s Book of Revelations inspires many Christian fundamentalists to earnestly yearn for global annihilation. In contrast, Holy Qur’an forbids the Believers to wage wars against non-Believers who don’t threaten Muslims with wipe off the map.

Last year, Iranian-born American professor Bahar Davary (University of San Diego) was chased by Zionist Jewish groups for using yellow Stars of Zion marked with the word ‘Muslim’ to fight Islamophobia.

What it symbolizes is that there have been people who have been made to be the ‘other’ throughout history. It’s not only Trump. It’s not only Ben Carson. There have been anti-Muslim actions taking place. In some ways it’s frightening,” she told The Times of San Diego.

On December 24, 2015, American Jewish author David Harris Gershon posted an Opinion Post at Israeli news website +972 that the only way American Jews can combat Islamphobia was to confront the role pro-Israel organizations continue to play spreading anti-Muslim bigotry.

In the post-9/11 era, pro-Israel donors, institutions and the Israel lobby have often fueled the very Islamophobia now suddenly catching fire in America, doing so as a strategy for smearing Palestinians,” Gershon said.

There is no denying to the fact that pro-Israel White supremacists, Jewish, Christian and atheists use Islamophobia as a political tool to demonize Muslims and Islam for the Zionist entity.


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