9/11: The Zionist Scam

A courtroom sketch of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whose defense team said it received a sealed order in February that the judge had permitted the government to destroy evidence.

The defense team for the so-called “9/11 Mastermind”, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), has demanded that Guantanamo military tribunal should be ended as its presiding judge permitted US government to destroy the fatally flawed evidence against their client.

Barack Obama promised to close the camp by January 2010 – but since then, he had been avoiding to live to his promise based on several lame excuses while his Attorney General Eric Holder, a Zionist agent has failed to prove KSM to be the so-called “9/11 Mastermind”.

On May 14, 2016, Canadian professor Anthony James Hall (University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) and editor-in-chief of American Herald Tribune, posted a detailed article, entitled, Is the 9/11 scam coming undone?.

In 2003 and 2004 the US government depended heavily on the real or concocted personae of KSM as a major source of “evidence” in the Philip Zelikow (Zionist Jew) authored fable known as the 9/11 Commission Report. An expert in the engineering of public mythology to secure popular consent for so-called pre-emptive warfare, Professor Zelikow was one of the key point persons responsible for pinning the false flag terror extravaganza of 9/11 on CIA asset Osama bin Laden,” Tony Hall said.

Once cast in the role of #3 jihadist in the staged drama associated with al-Qaeda, KSM was assigned an important part in Zelikow’s fictionalized narrative of 9/11. KSM was alleged to be the primary source of “evidence” that pinned the 9/11 debacle on Islamic jihadists rather than on a closely knit group of Zio-American Israel Firsters including Zelikow himself. A growing body of evidence has exposed this neocon clique, many of whom are dual Israeli and US citizens, as the primary group that led the planning, execution and attempted cover up of the 9/11 crimes,” Tony Hall adds.

The shape of things to come was foreshadowed on the morning of 9/11 with the BBC’s extension to Ehud Barak, a former Prime Minister of Israel, of full license to finger on world television the targets for post-9/11 revenge. Without any formal investigation at all, the former Israeli General and intelligence officer named as probable culprits Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat, Iraq, Iran and Libya. Barak provided this list only minutes after an aircraft was pictured not even slowing down as it cut into the South Tower like a hot knife slicing through butter,” Tony Hall said. Listen to Dr. Hall below.

In 2006, US Colonel Ronal D. Ray, the former deputy assistant secretary of defence under Reagan administration, in an interview asked the question: “Why half a trillion budget could not protect the Pentagon?” He also equated the “9/11 official story” with the “dog that doesn’t hunt”.

Lt. Col. Dr. Robert M. Bowman, USAF, and former head of the ‘Star War ‘ missile program under Ford and Carter administrations – called the “9/11 official story” as a conspiracy theory and his main suspect behind 9/11 was the pro-Israel vice-president Dick Cheney.


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