DePaul petitions against racist Jew gay speaker

Pro-Trump Republicans at DePaul University (Chicago, Ill) have invited British gay Jewish-turned Catholic journalist Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the campus on May 24. Yiannopoulos is top journalist at Israel’s online propaganda website Breitbart founded by Zionist Jew Andrew James Breitbart.

The has put an online petition urging DePaul University president Rev. Dennis Holtschneider to cancel the event.

As a Vincentian institution, DePaul University is responsible for standing against systemic injustices in all forms. Students from communities of all races, sexual and gender identities, and religious affiliations deserve to be able to co-exist on campus without the presence of the virulent hatred Yiannopoulos promotes. The systemic oppression of these communities is not a form of “intellectual thought”, nor is it just “someone’s opinion.” It is not a tool for an entertainer to use and classify as “pop culture” or “sensationalism” to turn a profit,” said the petition.

The petition, however, doesn’t point out that Yiannopoulos spread hatred towards non-Whites minorities, Muslims, and women. It also doesn’t mention that he is openly gay.

Rev. Holtschneider has refused to cancel the event so far.

In the past, America’s top Catholic DePaul University had refused to renew tenure of Dr. Norman Finkelstein as result of a vicious campaign run by Israel-First Dr. Alan Morton Dershowitz (Harvard) over authoring the book, The Holocaust Industry, and his criticism of the Zionist regime. When Finkelstein’s Jewish colleague Dr. Mehrene Larudee defended him – she lost her job too.

The pro-Israel forces in the United States do not hesitate to fight dirty, and in this case they are even willing to destroy what has been a good university. They were quite willing to attack DePaul for having hired Prof. Finkelstein in the first place, but now Alan Dershowitz praises this excellent Catholic university for having fired him. Dershowitz had said that DePaul would be a laughing stock if it tenured Prof. Finkelstein, but of course the reality is that DePaul will now be a laughing stock for submitting (or even simply appearing to submit) to the dictates of Harvard’s leading torture advocate, someone who would probably even be willing to admit that he would be willing to say absolutely anything if it furthered the cause of the State of Israel. Surely part of the pressure used on some DePaul administrators is the threat to unleash the language of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial,” Professor Bill Martin (DePaul) wrote at Dissident Voice on August 9, 2007.

In March 2016, students at Brown University, an Ivy League university in Providence, Rhode Island, shut-down a lecture by pro-Israel Janet Mock, 33. The transgender Afro-American writer, author and TV host was invited by Israeli goons at university campus belonging to Hillel International.


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