Chaplain resigns over US Imperialism

On April 12, 2016, US Army Chaplain Rev. Captain Christopher John Antal resigned from his post in opposition to US policies regarding militarized drones, nuclear weapons, and preventive war.

Rev. Antal stated he could not serve as a chaplain for an imperialist power and could not reconcile his duty to protect and defend America and its constitutional democracy and his commitment to the core principles of his religious faith including justice, equity and compassion and the inherent worth and dignity of every person with policies of the United States.

From September 2012 through February 2013 Chris Antal was an Army chaplain to a signals battalion supporting the 3rd Infantry Division at Kandahar Airbase in southern Afghanistan where he witnessed drones launch and land where he gave services for military personnel killed in Afghanistan and whose remains were being transported back to the United States. Additionally, he was concerned about the use of drones after hearing about a drone attack in which a grandmother had been killed while picking okra in a field near her home in the region around the military base.

On 2012 Veteran Day, Antal expressed his displeasure over America’s non-stop proxy wars to bring regime changes around the world in a poem. Listen to his speech below.

Pakistanis have been victims of America’s largest drone war. In 2012, over 3000 American scholars, writers, film-makers, anti-war activists and civilians signed a petition demanding stop to the US drone war inside Pakistan. The petition was delivered to the US embassy in Islamabad by the US-based ‘Women for Peace (CODEPINK)‘ organization. The signatories included Jewish Americans, such as, academic Noam Chomsky, author and Feminist Naomi Wolf, and Hollywood director and film producer Oliver Stone. According to several American sources, 884 Pakistani civilians have been killed by America’s drone war in Pakistan since 2004.

George Bush Zionist administration planned the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in December 2000 to exploit country’s oil, mineral and poppy resources as Taliban leadership was refusing to cooperate. In order to bring Americans on board for a new wars against seven Muslim nations (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran) as claimed by Gen. Wesley Clark – Bush administration with the help of Israel committed 9/11 terror attacks.

Christopher Bollyn in his December 2 article, titled Why Afghanistan? called Invasion of Afghanistan as a “Zionist proxy war”.


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