Iran and the ‘big Jewish lies’

Iran-Flag-128[1]American Jewish lobbyists aka neoconservatives are in full gears to prepare ground for the next US president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, to cancel the US-Iran nuclear agreement in 2017.

Benjamin J. Rhodes (Jewish), Obama’s advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) aka 2015 US-Iran Nuclear Deal, recently told The Jew York Times that Obama administration didn’t tell truth to Americans on the deal. Rhodes allegedly claimed that president Barack Obama had key talks with Ahmadinejad administration in mid-2012, but consciously misled the American people to believe that he hadn’t given approval to negotiations until after the election of the “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani in 2013.

How much truth is in Rhodes “Talmudic revelation”? One has to remember that the Jewish Lobby already has declared the “moderate Rouhani” a Holocaust denier like his predecessor “conservative Ahmadinejad” was accused of denying Holocaust.

On Friday, Stuart Levey (Jewish), Obama’s former undersecretary for terrorism at US Treasury (2004-2011), who imposed sanctions against Iran, Sudan, Libya and Syria, accused Obama administration at Jewish Wall Street Journal for sending mixed messages on whether it will penalize those who do business with the Islamic Republic.

Levey claimed that in a meeting in London this week, his Jewish brother John Kerry cheated over JCPOA by urging European financial institutions to do business with Iran because their American counterparts are not allowed to do business with Iran.

The US Treasury Department’s designation of Iran, including its central bank and financial institutions, as a primary money-laundering concern also still stands. The State Department neither controls nor plays any meaningful role in the enforcement decisions of these authorities,” Levey wrote.

I’m sure Stuart Levey knows that Israel’s two western allies, Italy and France have signed contracts with Iran worth over $35 billion early this year. So who cares if Jewish-controlled Wall Street refuses to do business with Tehran.

The propaganda lies by Rhodes and Levey reminds me of British journalist Daniel Howden’s December 28, 2013 article claiming how the South Sudanese fell for the big Jewish lies.

When violence erupted two weeks ago in the world’s youngest country, one of the first voices to speak out, before the US president or the head of the United Nations, was that of the Hollywood actor George Clooney. There was nothing particularly objectionable about his counsel, which in any case was more likely authored by the American activist John Prendergast, with whom he shared a byline. It spoke of the need for a robust UN response and, even as tens of thousands of civilians fled ethnically motivated death squads, of the “opportunities” present in South Sudan,” wrote Howden.

Canada-born Cuban Jew, Sen. Ted Cruz, holder of the Defender of Israel Award who just dropped out of GOP presidential candidates list, in an Op-Ed at The Jew York Times (May 13) urged Obama administration to increase assistance for Israel’s missile defense in the wake of dangers he said were created by the Iran deal.

Donald Liebich, former US Navy official, and author, who writes on Jewish-Muslim relations and Middle East, in recent article, entitled, Can the Iran Nuclear Deal Survive the US Elections?, said: “Contrary to his approach to the opening of Cuba, in which he moved aggressively through executive action to change the political dynamic and get U.S. businesses involved, President Obama has been much more politically cautious with respect to changing the relationship with Iran.”

The situation is unlikely to change for the better after the US presidential election. Of the remaining candidates, all except Bernie Sanders are much more hardline with respect to Iran,” Liebich said.

The P5+1 and Iran deal is an international agreement and the EU, Russia and China are moving aggressively to live up to their obligations under the JCPOA and consummate business deals with Iran. If the US stands in the way of effective implementation of the JCPOA or takes steps that ensure its demise, its influence on the global stage will be further weakened” Liebich added (here).


One response to “Iran and the ‘big Jewish lies’

  1. The USA is controlled by the Jews. This is a fact.
    And all everything they do, it make decisions as Israeli government require, and to transfer the money from the Americans to Israel.
    USA presidents and presidential candidates, all of them receive bribes from the Jewish lobby.
    Therefore, they are all cringing to the Israeli government.

    Israel was push USA to attack and destroy Iraq and Syria.
    So, the Sanctions should be done on Israel, USA, and also on Saudi Arabia.

    As long as no sanctions on them, there is no justice in the world, and the wicked continue to destroy the Middle East, and everywhere that they want to control it.

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