Ex-White House official: US leaders are ‘Israeli pussies’

1a-1[1]On November 4, 2011, I posted an article on this blog, claiming that America is an Israeli Colony.

In 2008, US-born American anti-war activist, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi MD claimed that the US is under Israeli occupation.

On May 11, 2016, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Treasury Secretary in Ronald Reagan administration, author and blogger proved my point. In an article, entitled, Zionist Israel Hides Its Crimes Behind Its Smears of Truth-Tellers, Dr. Roberts says that while the Zionist entity portrays itself surrounded by hostile Arab countries who want to throw Israeli Jews into the nearest Sea, the US Congress is controlled by its powerful lobby groups – and “continue unanimously passing outrageous resolutions handed to it by the Israel Lobby.”

Dr. Roberts said that any Senator or Representative, who dared to criticize the evil power of pro-Israel lobby groups, was removed from public office, such as, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, Paul Findley, Dennis Kucinich and James George Abourezk.

Mentioning Israeli air force attack on USS Liberty – Dr. Roberts said: “Instead of defending the US Navy, the cowardly US government was so scared of Israel that the President of the United States and the Admiral conducting the inquiry, Senator John McCain’s father, rushed to the defense of Israel and covered up the incident.”

USS Liberty was not the only US Navy targeted by the Zionist regime to drag US military to fight a proxy war against Israel’s Arab neighbors. In 2000 Israel attacked USS Cole while entering Aden harbor in Yemen.

Judging by the pathetic record of American leadership, Dr. Roberts asked the Six Million Dollar question: “What do you think will happen to these pussies in Washington when they confront by their carelessness and unjustified arrogance the power of Russia and China?”

Dr. Roberts added: “The Americans are so incompetent that they should just depart the scene and go home and hide under their beds so scared they are of “terrorists,” largely an invention of neoconservative (mostly Zionist Jewish) propaganda.”

“It is Zionist Israel that is committing genocide, but if a person mentions that fact that person is accused of wanting to do to the Jews what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Israel, thanks to the complete cowardice of the government of “the world’s only superpower” and the largely Israeli controlled US media and entertainment industry, has got away with this raw exercise of the power of propaganda and intimidation,” Dr. Roberts said.


5 responses to “Ex-White House official: US leaders are ‘Israeli pussies’

  1. Shaming the critic has been the game for too long. It is time to take off this pretense and charade and be truthful to the American people.. We need to clearly explain and educate the difference between Jewish beliefs (Judaism) and Zionist (Nationalism usurping Judaism as a badge to delude; without the beliefs)

  2. Daniel Margrain

    Nigel, I’d like to add that the confusion is deliberately perpetuated by the Zionists who need “antisemitism” in order to justify their illegal aspiration for Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel).

    • Most of Zionist leaders including Theodor Herzl and Israel’s Russian-born president Dr. Chaim Weizmann were Jew-haters. Both believed that Jews themselves create antisemitism.

      Yehezkel Kaufman in article, titled “The Ruin of Soul” collected quotes from some of the Zionist writers (Frishman, Lenni Brenner, Berdichevsky, AD. Gordon, Schawadron, Klatzkin, Pinsker, Israel Joshua Singer, Chaim Kaplan, etc.), which if repeated on air – would get you fired from the field you worked in the West.

      Chaim Kaplan, who kept a diary during the Warsaw ghetto uprising, wrote his Jew-hating observation: “Every nation, in its time of misfortune, has conspirators who do their work in secret. In our case an entire nation has been raised on conspiracy. With others the conspiracy is political; with us it is religious and national”.


  3. Daniel Margrain

    “The Zionist project, from its onset, formed a symbiotic relationship between Zionist Jews and the Jew haters who wanted the Jews out of Europe. Zionism promised a national home for the Jews and at the same time offered to ‘take the Jews away.’… Zionism as well as the State of Israel are sustained by Jew hatred. If ‘anti Semitism’ disappears, Israel and Zionism become obsolete concepts. Understanding this, Israel and Zionism have consistently contributed to the rise of anti Semitism. When there is no anti Semitism to point at, Jewish institutions simply invent it, as they are presently doing in the Labour party.”


  4. Reblogged this on Direktdemokrati Halmstad and commented:
    Gentiles need to understand that their charges of “antisemitism” is complete fake, else they will be destroyed like the Cro-magnons. The Jew is cunning, he is killing, and when you cry guilty, he throws himself on the floor crying “Antisemitism”. It is time to say, YES, I am an antisemite, are you trying to play race-card? Then tell him to Youtube, mongolian, chineese, japaneese, Indian, black and blonde -Jews.
    Then tease him “Care for a game of race-card ,Jew?”

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