Israel: Heaven for Lesbian rapist of 72 girls

On May 10, 2016, Israeli Judge Amnon Cohen again denied extradition of Malka Leifer for her being a mental patient – the Jewish lesbian teacher who is facing charges in Australia of 72 counts of raping girls. Watch video below.

Malka Leifer, 47, who taught at an Orthodox Jewish girls school in Melbourne Australia fled to the Zionist entity and has been harboured there ever since. A married woman with 8 children, she escaped with 5 of her children 6 years ago, and the courts in Israel have refused to extradite her.

Whilst her husband was travelling, she had underage sex in the home with children aged from 5 – 12. One of the minors attempted suicide after the rape.  She approached the school administrators and raised AUD $100,000.  She stole AUD $20,000 and left Australia in March 2008. Extradition proceedings were started in August 2014. It is inconceivable how she has been able to stay in Israel for 8 years. Why she hasn’t been sent back to Australia where they can decide if she is fit for trial,  according to the laws of the country in which she committed the crimes, and victims are ready to testify. If she truly needs psychiatric treatment, shouldn’t it be according to Australian law?

Israel’s tourism industry has long portrayed the country as heaven for the LGBT community. However, Mike Hamel, who is on the board of Israel’s National LGBT Task Force, a NGO, doesn’t agree with government PR.

If Israel is a heaven for the LGBT community, it’s because of the community, the organizations that are working very hard to make it a good place for LGBT people to live. It’s not because of the government policies. It’s in spite of the government policies,” he said.

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel’s deputy minister for religious studies, claims that gay Jews have higher souls than gentiles.

On April 19, 2016, Israeli news magazine +972 reported that Israeli LGBT organizations are threatening to cancel world’s largest Tel Aviv Pride Parade unless government allocate more funds for LGBT cause in Israel and abroad – and not just use the annual parade as PR to fool the world that Israel is a bastion of progressive liberalism.


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