Top ten ‘Israel hating’ Universities in the US

On October 1, 2008, Jeff Cohen’s online FAIR magazine voted David Horowitz amongst the top 12 Muslim haters. Recently, Horowitz’s Freedom Center listed ten American Universities which allow freedom to voice criticism of the Zionist entity the most. They’re; Columbia University, Cornell University, George Mason University, Loyola University Chicago, Portland State University, San Diego State University, San Francisco State University, Temple University, University of California LA, and Vassar College.

The Columbia and Cornell Universities are part of the Ivy League, and controlled by Zionist Jewish academics.

George Mason University president Dr. Angela Cabrera defends receiving $62 million donation from Jewish billionaires Koch Brothers foundations since 2012. However, the Jewish problem is that Columbia University is home to anti-Israel professors like Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad.

Loyola University Chicago president Rev. Dr. Michael Garanzini has been targeted by Israel’s Campus lobby group Hillel on several occasions for allowing pro-Palestine student groups, such as, Students for Peace in Palestine (SJP), and Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), to hold anti-Israel events at the campus. For example on March 25, 2014, ex-Israeli soldier and author Miko Peled spoke at the Campus. Peled described the Israeli regime as a radical Zionist regime, and Israel as a nation where half of the population lives in what it thinks is a Western democracy while keeping the other half imprisoned by a ruthless defense apparatus that is becoming more violent by the day.

Portland State University (PSU) president Wim Wiewel is Jewish. In Spring 2014, Qatar-born Palestinian writer and human rights activist, Omar Barghouti, was allowed to speak at the Campus. Omar Barghouti is co-founder of the BDS movement. Israeli-born British author Gilad Atzmon and Canadian journalist and author Eric Walberg claim that BDS is a platform to divert world attention away from Jewish occupation of Palestine. Watch the debate below.

San Diego State University (SDSU) president Elliot Hirshman is a Zionist Jew. Currently, he is under attack by pro-Palestine students for allowing a pro-Israel flyer which accused anti-Israel students of sympathizing with Hamas and allying themselves with the US-created pro-Israel ISIS. The flyers are a production of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Horowitz defended their content in a statement, saying: They’re not ignorant college kids. They’re willing and committed campus agents of Hamas. Big difference. We singled out the leaders of an organization founded by members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Last month, San Francisco State University (SFSU) president Leslie E. wong along with Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean Simon Wiesenthal Center, an Israeli advocacy group, condemned students for disrupting Jerusalem Nir Barkat lecture at the Campus.

In 2013, Philadelphia Temple University president Neil D. Theobald honored Jewish billionaire Lewis Katz (d. 2014) for donating $25 million to the university. Katz was owner of several sports teams and newspapers. In 2014, Theobald came under fire for not expelling a Christian student who punched a ‘peace-loving’ Jewish student Daniel Vessal at the Campus for no reason.

Last year University of California (UCLA) management was chased by Israeli hounds for inviting Afro-American professor Cornel West to deliver a speech to honor his colleague of 20-year, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel on May 3, 2015.

In 2013, Vassar College president Catherine Bon Hill condemned American Studies Association (ASA) for boycotting Israeli universities. However, in February 2016, Hill was pronounce antisemite for allowing professor Jasbir K. Puar to speak at the Campus. Puar told the students that Jewish army uses Gaza as an experimental laboratory. She spoke approvingly of armed resistance against Israeli occupation. Puar was sponsored by eight Vassar departments and programs, including Jewish Studies.


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