British MP: UK should apologize for creating Israel

It seems there is no end to the so-called anti-Semitism within the British Labour Party, even after the election of party’s ‘Jewish Lobby boy’ Sadiq Khan became new London Mayor. According to UK’s top Israeli propagandist, Jewish Chronicle (May 8), the first public engagement of the new Mayor was to attend the national Yom HaShoah (Holocaust) ceremony along with Israeli ambassador Mark Regev and UK’s chief rabbi Mirvis. After the event, Khan pledged “zero tolerance towards anti-Semitism“.

On the weekend, the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’, accused Labour MP Dr. Rupa Asha Huq, 44, of making a ‘political wrong’ statement, saying that UK should apologize for creating Israel, at a meeting with the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign last year. Listen to her below.

Dr. Hug, a professor at Kingston University and author, was one of the three Bangladeshi women who were elected Labour MPs last year. The other two are Rushanara Ali, and Tulip Rizawana Siddiq.

In response to a question about whether London should make an apology, Huq said: “1948; that happened under a British government. To my mind, an apology – yes. You could do one. A Labour Government could probably get that through.” She was referring to the 1917 notorious Balfour Declaration, authored by UK’s foreign secretary Lord Balfour, a Zionist poodle of Lord Rothschild.

However, she noted that an apology would be subject to criticism similar to those former Prime Minister Tony Blair faced for bringing up long-past historical events, including the Irish Potato Famine and slavery.

The revelation comes shortly after Huq was attacked for defending fellow Labour MP Naz Shah, who was forced to apologize for backing calls for Israel’s “relocation” to the United States. Ms Shah copied the Israeli map being superimposed on British map from American Jewish academic Finkelstein‘s website.

The former mayor of London Ken Livingstone became the most prominent Labour figure to face the same fate as MP Naz Shah after defending her and adding that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist.

The creation of the state of Israel was fundamentally wrong, because there had been a Palestinian community there for 2,000 years,” Livingstone recently told Arabic TV station al-Ghad al-Arabi.

The illegal Israeli regime was established in 1948, when it occupied Palestinian land along with expanses of other Arab territories during full-fledged military operations. The occupied lands also include Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms and Syria’s Golan Heights.

In 1967, it occupied the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. It later annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem in a move never recognized by the international community.

The Labour Party has suspended as many as 50 members over allegations of anti-Zionism and anti-Israel statements the past two months.

Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a panel to investigate hatred of Jews with the Labour party. The panel is head by a Hindu and a Jew.


3 responses to “British MP: UK should apologize for creating Israel

  1. Israel has always used the “antisemitism” card to deflect attention from its own DAILY CRIMES against Palestinians.. It is THEY (Israel Government/Regime)) who are the true RACISTS, not the people who criticise them..

  2. Daniel Margrain

    Neil, indeed:
    “It’s a trick, we always use it.”

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