Inas Nofal – Gaza’s teenage marathon runner

Recently Islamic resistance Hamas-ruled Gaza made news in sports circles. A 15-year-old Hijab-wearing Inas Nofal is planning to compete in the international sports events to represent Palestinian nation. She will be the Zionist-sanctioned enclave’s first and only female competitive marathon runner.

Running is my life. Before I go to sleep, I think about which routes I’ll run the next day,” says Nofal.

For more than nine months she has trained every day for four hours, together with her sports teacher Sami Natil, in an empty lot located inside a refugee camp.

Inas participated in a marathon for the first time in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza in November 2015, where she won the first prize. After this success, she became more motivated and trained harder, particularly because she wanted to run the fourth annual Palestine Marathon held in Bethlehem in the West Bank, in early April 2016.  Yet Inas, along with many other Palestinians from Gaza who dreamt of participating, did not receive a permit from the Israeli authorities to exit the Gaza Strip for the event.

I was so excited when I got the invitation for the Palestine marathon, and when I didn’t get the permit, I felt disappointment,” Inas said.

Israel’s banning Palestinian athletes to compete at local and international events is a political blackmail. It’s one of Zionist regime’s many tricks hoping to turned Palestinian youth against elected Hamas government in power since 2006.

In the rest of Zionist-controlled world, it’s the Hijab-wearing sports girls and women that scared the hell out of them.

Contrary to the western anti-Islam propaganda, Islam doesn’t forbid Muslim females to join sports and even compete with male sportsmen as long as they’re dressed modestly covering body and wearing headscarf (Hijab). However, several Zionist-controlled international sports organizations and national sports event in the US, Canada and France don’t allow Muslim sportswomen to participate, who insist on wearing religious headdress (Hijab). Sports have always been part of Islamic social life since the advent of the faith in 610 CE.

In 2011, Pakistan-born weightlifter from Atlanta, Kulsoom Abdullah, was barred from entering US Senior National in Iowa because she insisted on wearing Hijab during the competition.

In February 25, 2007 – A referee ordered 11-year-old Asmahan Mansour off the pitch during a National tournament game in Quebec for wearing Hijab. Her team and four others walked out of tournament in protest.

In 2012 London Olympics, Iran’s women soccer team could not participate because all its members wore Hijab.

In February 2012, the United Nations condemned ban on wearing Hijab at the international sports events. “Each female player, from the top elite level down to the grassroots, has the freedom to decide whether or not to wear this particular piece of attire while on the field,” said Wilfried Lemke, special sports adviser to Ban Ki-moon.

This year, Afro-American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman, could making history by representing United States at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 5-21, 2016.

In 2009, Elham Syed Javad, a Muslim industrial designer in Montreal (Quebec) designed a Hijab that would satisfy religious feelings of Muslim women taking part in competitive sports and anti-Muslim sports officials who refuse to allow Hijab-wearing Muslim girls to participate in sports events on lame accuse of ‘safety concern’.

Your beliefs shouldn’t prevent you from playing sports,” says Elham, who doesn’t wear Hijab in her daily life.


8 responses to “Inas Nofal – Gaza’s teenage marathon runner

  1. Thats dedication for you. No other place on earth has such obstacles to get over.

  2. “Palestinian marathon”?!? These sports are wasted on the Palestinians. They don’t need them. I am waiting to hear that Israel has started an intensive national fitness program that includes long-distance running and swimming lessons. As soon as possible.

    • Palestinians need some ways to show the anti-Muslims that they can excel in other fields than the Judeo-Christian colonialism, don’t you think?

      Israel will be more than glad to begin an intensive national fitness program if the usual Christian sheep are willing to fund the program.

  3. I don’t agree with either of your two statements.
    1. The Palestinians should do whatever is good for them, not in an attempt to impress those who can’t think for themselves.
    2. If the Goyim’s extortion funds are insufficient, the Jews have to come up with the means on their own to start this asap– it’s an existential issue to make evacuation orderly, not a deadly stampede.

    • I’m afraid, you are quite ignorant of the situation at Ground Zero.
      1. The Palestinians who tried to imply what was good for their nation, were labeled anti-West Islamists, and crucified like Jesus by his followers and killers.
      2. the Western White Goyim are completely enslaved and cannot think when and whom they would be sold and slaughtered at the alter of Synagogue of Satan.

  4. Talking at cross purposes. “Is the bread fresh?” “No, you know nothing about the forecast: it’s not going to rain today”…

  5. Calm down, Rehmat. We have our differences of opinions, some real, some only in your mind. Let’s leave them aside.
    I have one question to pose to you, because you do good investigative reporting, ferreting out and piecing together less known facts about various characters in the anglo-zionist world.
    My question (unrelated to this article) is this: what do you know about a “practicing Muslim,” who describes himself as a Turk (he immigrated to Sweden at a young age with his family from Turkey), professes to be a supporter of the Palestinian struggle (was even on board the Mavi Marmara), is a leader of the Green Party in Sweden, is connected to the “Grey Wolves,” managed to get himself appointed Minister of Housing in Sweden (a post he recently resigned), hobnobs with Turkish extremists in Sweden who launched a call to “kill all Armenians” and whose name is Mehmet…. Kaplan?
    I saw an article about him whose title contains the word ‘Donmeh,’ but it is in Swedish, which I cannot read. I find it interesting that when the IDF assaulted the Mavi Marmara and, according to testimonies of the peace volunteers on board, they came with a list of names of people to murder, they murdered the Turks on board but somehow Kaplan was not on the list and was not murdered. Negligence on the part of the IDF….?

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