Pakistan-born Sadiq Khan becomes London Mayor

I hope readers of this blog will excuse me for not calling the newly elected London Mayor Sadiq Aman Khan as ‘First Muslim Mayor of City of London’. I have my personal reasons for the omission. To me, Sadiq Khan is as much a Muslim as Pakistan-born Sajid Javid, David Cameron’s Secretary for Culture, Media and Sports. Sajid Javid says that if he had to live in a country other than Britain, he would prefer to live in Israel “for it offered him warm brace of freedom and liberty.”

Speaking at the Labour Friends of Israel, a few months ago, Sadiq Khan, 45, told his Zionist audience that most of Muslims he knows, are conspiracy theorists, because after over 14 years they still believe Israel and American Jews committed 9/11.

Sadiq Khan had voted in favor of ‘kosher reunion’ also known as ‘same sex marriage’ in 2013.

Sadiq Khan defeated his Tory opponent, Jewish millionaire Zach Goldsmith by receiving 57% of votes cast.

MP Sajid Javid sent a tweet message to MP Sadiq Khan, saying: From one son of a Pakistani bus driver to another, congratulations.

Zach Goldsmith ran a vicious anti-Muslim campaign against Sadiq Khan, accusing him of associated with Muslim clerics who preach violence against Jews and Israel. Goldsmith also connected Sadiq Khan with London Bombing in 2005.

Zach Goldsmith’s sister Jemima Goldsmith, a convert to Islam, had blasted her brother over his anti-Muslim campaign.

British journalist and author, Owen Jones, said Goldsmith’s anti-Muslim campaign was orchestrated by the Tory (Conservative party) leadership, and that the party’s leadership as a whole should take responsibility.

Sadiq Khan told reporters that as London Mayor, he would prove to be different from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Last week, Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour party for spilling out the truth that Zionist Jews collaborated with Nazis. On Wednesday, Ken Livingstone during an interview he gave to London Arabic Channel said that displacement (Nakba) of 700,000 Native Muslim and Christian Palestinian to create a state for European Jews was illegal. The Arabic word Nakba translates as Catastrophe in English. Israeli translators at MEMRI misquoted Livingstone by providing headline to the Jewish-controlled media: Creation of Israel was a great catastrophe.

Commenting on Sadiq Khan’s victory, daily Telegraph observed that Sadiq Khan will now become the greatest threat to Jeremy Corbyn leadership.

Listen to Sadiq Khan’s election promises below.

So why I consider people like Sadiq Khan and Sajid Javid as crypto-Muslims, because I agree with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s latest statement: Defending Palestine is defending Islam.


8 responses to “Pakistan-born Sadiq Khan becomes London Mayor

  1. It’s a very sad day for England allowing a leftist dark skinned foreign religious Muslim subversive into high office within their white Christian government who will only further the elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multicultural demise of their nation. The elections in England are obviously rigged by the same elite Zionist Vatican/Rothschild/Soros criminal cartel members and their Neoprogressive puppets just like here in the US and in other white Christian nations. The nefarious old school elitist Zionist/Jesuit cartel concocted Islam in order to subverted and kill off REAL white protestant and white Catholic Christendom. We are caught up in a new age inquisition involving the decedents of the old Spanish crypto-Jew Jesuit, crypto-Jew Muslim, and Zionist Christian inquisitioners. The most unholy trinity in all history = the Synagogue of Satan.

    • If you have studied some objective source – you could have shocked to death knowing that your so-called Christian Britain was enslaved by Jews through Rothschild banking family even before a first Muslim landed in England. Your Church of England is headed by a son of German bootlegger Jew, Archbishop Justin Welby. What about Royal Windsor’s Jewish roots?

      Sir Bernard Shaw knew many decades ago that the White Supremacist filth race has no alternative but to adopt Islamic civilization to for its survival.

  2. ” Sadiq Khan, 45, told his Zionist audience that most of Muslims he knows, are conspiracy theorists, because after over 14 years they still believe Israel and American Jews committed 9/11.”

    Give him credit: he didn’t say they were WRONG…

  3. There is no such thing as an “Islamic civilization.” Islam is a religion that spans he world and as such it encompasses many distinct civilizations. Although they are all Muslims, there is practically no commonality of what is understood as civilization between, say, the Egyptians and the Pakistanis, the indonesians and the Iranians.
    As for survival, if the choice for the white Christians is between submitting to the judeozionists who consider them beasts of burden and the Muslims who hold your view that they are “filth,” then there is no choice at all but to oppose both, don’t you think?

    • Nope. Islam is not a religion like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. Islam is the WAY OF LIFE – a Divine Code to follow from birth to death.

      YES – There is indeed Islamic Civilization which existed in Spain (711-1492), Sicily, for over 100 year, Malta, for 240 years, India for over 1,000 years, Greece for 350 years and Palestine for over 1,100 years. It was ‘Islamic Civilization’ in Spain and Sicily which pulled the Christian Europe from its Dark Age.

      Pakistani, Iranian, Indonesian, and Egyptian – all had their local civilization before they became part of Muslim world.

  4. I’m with u Rehmat re: what Ayat Khamenei says. Defending Palestine is Defending Islam. Islam does not allow for injustice and the Zionist Entity is pure satanic injustice. Those “muslims” like Sultan Erdogan & the Saudi family & petroleum station sheikhs who work with the satanic Zionists entity are not working for justice and against the Ummah.

  5. Crypto Jews would be more apt then

  6. Ah, how moving!
    Yes – I already know Sadiq Khan attended holohoax memorial in the company of Israeli ambassador and UK’s chief rabbi.

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