UK: Jews against Jeremy Corbyn

Zionist+Nazi+coin[1]Since Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of UK’s Labour party in September 2015, over fifty top Labour lawmakers have been suspended or fired by the party to appease UK’s powerful pro-Israel Jewish groups and party’s rich Jew donors.

However, the Jewish Lobby is not satisfied and continues running a smear campaign against Corbyn for not doing enough to expel his party’s members who have dared to criticize Israeli policies. Labour party Muslim MP Naz Shah has refused to sit on the committee.

An encircled Corbyn has now established a committee to investigate party members who may harbor dislike of the Zionist regime. The committee is headed by Hindu Shami Chakrabarti and Jew professor David Feldman.

In order to further scare Corbyn, the head of Israel’s Labour Party, Isaac Herzog, said on Monday that he was reconsidering ties with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in the wake of the allegations of antisemitism within the UK party.

Jamie Stern-Weiner, a UK-Israel dual citizen and political analyst has claimed that Corbyn and Labour party don’t have ‘anti-Semitism problem’, but his opponents have. He says that anti-Corbyn propaganda is meant to bring a regime-change in the party, and install a pro-Israel leadership as existed under Tony Blair and Ed Miliband.

UK’s Zionist Jewish oligarch Lord Alan Sugar has blasted Jeremy Corbyn, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Zionist London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan for being ‘friendly’ towards Hamas, Hizbullah, and Muslims. Listen to the Zionist parrot below.

In the paranoid West, anyone (Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or atheist), who supports Palestinians or criticizes Islamophobia, or expose Zionists’ past collaboration with Nazis, is automatically labeled ‘antisemite’. For example, last month, Tony Greenstein, a rabid Orthodox Zionist Jew blogger was expelled from Labour party for criticizing Netanyahu.

On May 3, former US military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi posted an article, entitled, Purging the Palestinians in which he wrote: “Political purges are not new. Trotsky was purged from the Soviet Communist Party and Ernst Rohm was purged by the Nazis. Currently we are witnessing the spectacle of “progressive” groups ostensibly dedicated to the cause of Palestinian rights turning on long time advocates of that cause because they are not viewed as sufficiently engaged in demonstrating that they are not anti-Semitic. Indeed, demonstrating one’s anti-anti-Semitic credentials seems to have become a sine qua non for establishing the bona fides of any friend of Palestine, apparently more important than actually doing anything for the Palestinians, who have been losing land continuously to the Israelis and regularly getting killed whenever they resist.”

Palestinians have been victimized by the self-designated Jewish State funded by Jewish organizations and enabled through Jewish manipulation of America’s legislature and media would appear to be an irrelevancy to the self-righteous standard bearers adhering staunchly to what they choose to describe as their “anti-racist principles.” In a recent disagreeable incident involving the Students for Justice in Palestine at Stanford University a Nakba survivor Palestinian woman speaker was actually disinvited because it was feared that she might verbally challenge the legitimacy of the Zionist occupation of her former home,” Giraldi said.


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