Rev. Berrigan: ‘Israel is a criminal Jewish community’

Catholic Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan (died April 30, 2016) earned his Antisemitism Award in 1973 after his speech at a meeting of the Association of Arab University Graduates in Washington in 1973 where he made a prophetic statement about the Zionist entity that had become a criminal Jewish community and, alongside South Africa under apartheid and the US embroiled in Vietnam.

The state is a Jewish settlers colony seeking Biblical justification to ethnic-cleansing and occupation of a non-Jewish land – a crime against humanity,” he said. He lamented that Jews after suffering discrimination for centuries in Europe and experiencing Holocaust during WWII, became oppressors themselves.

Rev. Berrigan defended his statement on the Zionist entity against a vicious campaign run by Jewish lobby groups demanding an apology to Israel and Jews.

Several Zionist Jews authored books to equate Berrigan with Hitler, such as, The New anti-Semitism (1974) by Arnold Forster and Benjamin E. Epstein. Read the book review by Sharon Rose here.

To large numbers of Americans, Daniel Berrigan is a hero; his anti-Zionism remarks are particular threatening to Zionists. Thus they must be quickly branded ‘antisemites’, so that no one but the lunatic fringe will consider them worthy of further discussion. It’s a familiar message which the Jewish lobby has successfully preached since 1948.

Rabbi Arthur Hurtzberg called Berrigan statement, an old-fashioned theological anti-Semitism. Professor Noam Chomsky in his book, Middle East Illusions, blasted Rabbi Hurtzberg by calling his attack on Berrigan as ‘fabrication’.

American author Kurt Vonnegut (died 2007) called Daniel Berrigan, Jesus as a poet.


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