India: Modi’s wife demands her rights

India’s kosher prime minister Narendra Modi has been declared a ‘world-class’ statesman after Netanyahu called Modi the most trusted friend of Israel amongst Asian leaders.

What the Jewish-controlled western media is afraid to tell its readers that India’s Hindu women are the most persecuted human-beings in the world – and Narendra Modi is among those female-hating Hindus. Abortion of female fetus, burning-alive Hindu brides for not bringing big dowries, Hindu widows treated worse than dogs, etc.

Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi, 64, is wife of India’s prime minister, but she is not allowed to live at the prime minister’s official residence in New Delhi. Indian security agency has provided four bodyguards for her. The bodyguards travel in car while Jashodaben has to travel in a public bus. In 2014 she was denied Indian passport to travel abroad because she didn’t have the marriage certificate to prove that she was indeed wife of country’s prime minister. Jashodaben married Modi in 1968 when she was 16-year-old.

Ironically, Hindus call India Bharat Mata (Mother India), and insists that 160 million Indian Muslims yell, Bharat Mata ki Jai (long live Mother India) to prove their patriotism.

Holy Cow is also called Gao Mata (Mother Cow) and is used to fuel anti-Muslim riots for consuming its meat.

Shobha Aggarwal, a New Delhi female lawyer and writer, in a recent article said: “Women in India do not appear to be active participants in the debate around the chanting of the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Even the debate in the media is dominated through discourse by men. The chanting of this slogan– necessary to prove ‘patriotism’ – is an obsession only of the so-called “patriotic men”. Generally men belonging to right-wing political parties are aggressively seen chanting the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’; rarely is a woman heard chanting it except on a political platform. The slogan is not just a construct of a Brahmanical patriarchal mindset, it is an insult to women-hood and camouflages the ugly truth of how women are treated in this country. The ‘Mother India’– a 1957 Hindi film (watch below) – while depicting oppression and suffering of Indian women also glamorizes it.”


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