Israelization of Saudi military

Israel_Saudi_ties[1]Early this month, Egypt’s Crypto-Jew military dictator Gen. al-Sisi returned two Red Sea islands to Saudi ‘royals’ under pressure from Washington and Tel Aviv. Israeli army radio called the transfer kosher.

On April 13, 2016, the Muslim Press reported that two Red Sea islands were being used to conduct joint Saudi-Israel military training exercises.

A Jewish military source has also claimed that Israeli Colonel David Salami, and Saudi Major-general Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Zahrani  were selected as the joint commander of the Navy.

Riyadh doesn’t has an embassy in Tel Aviv, but the Jerusalem Post reported on April 12, 2016: “The two countries do have third-party economic ties which see Israeli products – agricultural and technological goods – arriving via the Palestinian Authority, Jordan or Cyprus.” According to the report, Islamic Republic is seen as the number one threat to both the Saudis and the Zionist entity. As a result of their common fear, the Saudis have given Zionist regime approval for Air Force jets to pass through their airspace in the past, just in case Netanyahu (?) decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Under US president Jimmy Carter‘s Camp David Accords, signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979, Cairo has undertaken to guarantee freedom of navigation for Israeli ships in the area for the US annual $1.5 billion military aid while Israel grabbed $3 billion military aid.

The Jerusalem Post also reported that Saudi-led states in the ME want Israel to help them confront Iran. “So why are Israel’s allies in the region anchored by Saudi Arabia? Because Iran’s regime loathes Israel,” it said, also mentioning Hizbullah which threatens Israel.

Earlier Israeli minister of military affairs Gen. Moshe Ya’alon peaking at the Institute of National Securities Studies said that he prefers ISIS to Iran.

It seems Saudi military is following the American example – Israelization of the US Armed Forces.


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