Iranian FM compares Holocaust deniers with KKK

Iran-Flag-48[1]Well, Iranian foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif didn’t call the anti-Black Ku Klux Klan as the new Jewish religion, but said that Iran doesn’t persecute people who challenge Zionist narrative of the Holocaust.

On April 25, Javad Zarif in an interview told Robin Wright of Jewish New Yorker that his government does not support, nor does it organize, any cartoon festival of the nature that you’re talking about.

However, Zarif’s response didn’t fit into Jewish Lobby’s anti-Iran Hasbara plot. The Israeli goons at the US-taxpayers’ funded Holocaust Museum have accused Iranian government of sponsoring the Holocaust Cartoon Contest in 2006 and 2015.

Zarif informed Wright that the contest were organized by a non-governmental organization (Iran’s major Persian language newspaper Hamshahri), and not controlled by Iranian government.

Wright then asked Zarif why his government is allowing a similar contest being held in June this year. In response, Iranian foreign minister to told the Zionist dummy why American government allows racist groups like KKK to exist in United states.

Don’t consider Iran a monolith. The Iranian government doesn’t support, nor does it organize, Holocaust cartoon events of the nature that you’re talking about. When you stop your own organizations from doing things then you can ask others to do likewise,” Zarif said.

Being a senior official of Iranian government, I guess Zarif decided not to ask Robin Wright why his Jewish Tribe funds Islamophobia in the US and in Europe.

In order to test Western double standard on the so-called ‘Freedom of Press’ after the publication of anti-Islam cartoons by Danish Jewish editor Flemming Rose, on February 2006, editor-in-chief of Hamshahri invited foreign artists to submit cartoons showing their views of Holocaust and Israeli ethnic-cleansing of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

On December 12, 2006, five Western rabbis attended The Holocaust, Global Vision conference held in Tehran, Iran. The group included Rabbi David Weiss from United States, and Austria’s chief rabbi Moshe Arye Friedman. During their speeches none of them claimed Nazis killed six million Jews. They estimated that nearly one million Jews perished during WWII. In 2007, Israeli thugs ruffed-up Friedman at the Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial in Poland.

The 2nd Holocaust Cartoon contest was held last year in response to Rothschild-owned French newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s republishing of the notorious Danish cartoons. France is one of the 15 EU countries where questioning the ‘Six Million Died’ myth is a major crime punishable with 3-year in jail or heavy fine.

Since 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Organized Jewry has called almost every Iranian president being ‘Holocaust denier’ despite the fact that many Jewish writers have blamed Holocaust being based on forgery, fakes and lies.

Iran is home to 30,000 Jews. Tehran city has seven synagogues and the Jewish Queen Esther is buried in Iran.


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