London ex-Mayor: Hitler was a Zionist

Today, London ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone, 70, was suspended by Labour Party under pressure from country’s powerful anti-Corbyn Jewish Lobby for claiming that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist.

In a radio interview with the BBC on Thursday, Livingstone said,Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism.”

He made the remarks in defense of Pakistan-born Labour MP Naz Shah, who was suspended a day earlier over a Facebook post in 2014 suggesting Israelis should be moved en masse to the United States.

Asked during the interview whether he regarded her statement as anti-Semitic, Livingstone said: “No, it’s completely over the top but it’s not anti-Semitic.” The ex-mayor also said there was a “well-orchestrated campaign by the pro-Israel Jewish lobby to smear anybody who criticized Israeli policy as anti-Semitic (here, here, here).”

John Mann, a Labour lawmaker and Israeli apologist who is known for parroting anti-Semitism against Brits who criticize Israel’s policies, confronted Livingstone on Thursday morning and shouted at him, calling him a disgrace and a Nazi apologist. He has called for him to be expelled from the party.

Ken Livingstone with Jewish family roots and twice Mayor of London, had been called Jew-hater and anti-Israel for his criticism of Israeli policies and inviting and Egypt-born anti-gay and pro-Hamas cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, PhD, to London in 2004 on several occasions.

Personally, I agree with Livingstone to some degree. Adolf Hitler like Adolf Eichmann was a ‘Closet Zionist’. German author Hennecke Kardel in his 1974 book, Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel, wrote: Anyone who does not want to know in detail about Hitler’s half Jewish alcoholic father, whom he dragged home from the ugly, shameful, stinky and smoky bars, and who does not want to know about Hitler’s endlessly psychotic hatred toward his kinsmen, will understand little about history of the twentieth century, about the creation of the State of Israel, and about oncoming events which will make us hold our breaths.

On April 27, former Labour Party MP George Galloway, who was defeated by Ms Naz Shah last year, and now is one of the 2016 London Mayor candidates, has defended Ken Livingstone’s comments that Hitler supported Zionism as historic facts. “Scholars agree that Zionist leaders in Germany and the Nazi Chancellor signed an Agreement in 1933 to send German Jews to the British occupied Palestine.”

On April 27, George Galloway wrote in an Opinion Post: “I have no reason to defend Naz Shah except that it is necessary to stand up for the truth always. Not just morally but practically, for the Naz Shah affair is just another straw being laid on the back of Corbyn, and it may prove the last one. It is part of a bigger, wider political operation being mounted by supporters of Israel to redefine not just the political narrative but the language itself.”


5 responses to “London ex-Mayor: Hitler was a Zionist


    watch this… regards, Joop & Ans Jansen

    2016-04-29 15:11 GMT+02:00 Rehmats World :

    > rehmat1 posted: “Today, London ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone, 70, was suspended > by Labour Party under pressure from country’s powerful anti-Corbyn Jewish > Lobby for claiming that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist. In a radio interview > with the BBC on Thursday, Livingstone said, “Le” >

  2. michaellee2009

    He didn’t claim Hitler was a Zionist, he claimed Hitler cooperated with Zionists. Which of course is 100% correct

    • Daniel Margrain

      Livingston almost word for word repeated what Netanyahu had said previously. No media storm then of course. What this totally contrived Zionist inquisition and witch-hunt is really about is the fact that the Israel lobby, who control the Labour party, don’t like the direction the party is moving under the leadership of Corbyn and are instigating a coup to get to get rid of him.

  3. Daniel Margrain

    I agree with Atzmon. Corbyn comes across as a nice guy but he is naive if he thinks that the Zionist scum are fair minded and reasonable people. They are not. Corbyn has capitulated to the Zionist Labour Friends of Ethnic Cleansing (sorry, Israel) at the first hurdle without a fight. He should of stood by his “comrade”, Ken. But instead he has abandoned him to the parasitical blood-suckers. Clearly, the newly appointed Regev as Israeli ambassador, had played a part in instigating the coup with the vile Mann used as the principle henchman.The Zionists have the party where they want them.and our democracy is in the thrall of these psychopaths.

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