Passover: The Truth

Crime20against20humanity20by20Tsaha[2]This week the Zionist empire is going through its annual ritual of its Jewish victimhood at the hands of ancient Egyptians, known as Passover. Ignore the fact that both Moses and his brother Aaron who led their Tribe out of bondage aka Exodus, were not even Jewish, but known as ‘Israelites’ in Torah, New Testament and Holy Qur’an.

Prophet Moses is the central figure in both Judaism and Christianity. Holy Qur’an mentions Moses’ story to explain Believers the power of Allah who saved Moses from death at the hands of Pharaoh’s assassins, got him raised as part of Pharaoh’s royal household, and gave him the wisdom to negotiate with Pharaoh Merneptah and succeeded in deliverance of people of his faith from centuries-old slavery (serf), who betrayed him after he received the Ten Commandments from Allah. On his return Moses found his tribe worshipping ‘Golden Calf’ with the exception of Aaron and a few dozen disciples.

Holy Qur’an doesn’t dwell into later barbaric story of the descendants of Jacob’s (Israel) 12 sons that includes the Holocaust of Native Palestinian (Canaanites)nearly 3,000 years ago which continues even today.

The bible account of Passover or Exodus is internally inconsistent and is clearly a mixture of several traditions and myths.

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton used the Passover to discredit her Democrat Jewish rival Bernie Sanders of throwing Israelis under bus in a blog-post at Jerusalem-based The Times of Israel (April 17, 2016). As a typical goysplaining, Hillary steadfastly defended the Zionist regime in the blog post. She conflated the Jewish religion with the Zionist entity and condemned critics of Netanyahu government as anti-Semitic.

On April 23, 2016, I noticed an article, entitled, The Return of the Desert God, by Israeli author and peace activist Adam Keller. It’s worth reading to understand the importance of Passover for the Organized Jewry.

Under the commander of Joshua, son of Nun, the former slaves of Egypt, ferociously attacked the land of Canaan and conquered city after city. At the command of their G-d they then massacred all the inhabitants, men and women, old and children – in some places, even the domestic animals. At the happy end, they proceeded to divide and parcel out the land which had been emptied of its inhabitants,” Keller said.


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