Bernie Sanders: US drone war in Syria-Iraq is kosher

Democrat Jewish presidential contender Bernie Sanders told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he believed president Obama’s extrajudicial drone assassination by drone-fired missiles and his beefing of US boots program in Syria and Iraq were legal under US Constitution.

People in the United States have a lot of right to defend ourselves,” Bernie Sanders said at a town hall meeting on Monday when asked if elected next US president, he too would have an extrajudicial kill list like President Barack Obama. The senator from Vermont who also endorsed Obama’s recent deployment of another 250 members of the US Special Forces to Syria, said: “Look. Terrorism is a very serious issue. There are people out there who want to kill Americans, who want to attack this country, and I think we have a lot of right to defend ourselves.”

Do you think what’s being done now is constitutional and legal the numbers of people that the US government wants to kill,”Hayes asked Sanders.

In general I do, yes,” Sanders replied.

In September 2015, American Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky said that it was the US and not Iran that posed the greatest threat to world peace. Listen to his speech below.

One wonders if Bernie Sanders would dare to make a similar statement on Israel which with its 240-400 nukes poses far greater threat to the US and its regional allies than war-torn non-nuclear Syria and Iraq.

In addition to the use of drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, Sudan and troop deployments in Syria, Sanders also supports extending the presence of roughly 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan and continuing airstrikes in Iraq and Syria that have destroyed 6,000 buildings and killed more than 2,000 civilians.

Until Sanders makes newer statements, voters must assume that all major 2016 candidates support Israel’s occupation of Palestine and Israel’s apartheid policies.

UK’s investigative journalist Pratap Chatterjee’s recent article, entitled, Inside the devastation of America’s Drone Wars is a must read.


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