83 US Senators against arms sale to Saudi Arabia

American lawmakers could be called world’s greatest jokers.

Last week, 83 bipartisan Senators of 100-members US Senate, sent a letter to Barack Obama to sign a new US-Israel annual military aid package worth $4 to 4.5 billion up from the current $3.1 billion, immediately to help the Zionist entity defend its right to exist. The letter was authored by Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Chris Coons and Richard Blumenthal. GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz was among the signatories. For some reasons, Bernie Sanders did not sign the letter.

That came no surprise to millions of Americans who know how the Organized Jewry controls American Establishment.

During the same period of time, Senators Chris Murphy, Rand Paul and Richard Blumenthal have introduced a bipartisan bill that will put new conditions on the sale of military hardware to Saudi ‘royals’. The bill doesn’t call for a ban on military exchange with Riyadh. However, it does demand that US president must verify that US-made military equipment wouldn’t be used against civilians.

Now, don’t laugh – these Israel-Azz-lickers do believe Israel Jew soldiers have never used US-made arms against Palestinian or Lebanese civilians.

I’m no fan of the Crypto-Jewish Saudi ‘royals’ who are Anglo-American cancer in the Muslim world. However, they have shown more subservience to the West than the parasite Zionist entity which had been American liability from day one. Saudi ‘royal’ according to some western estimates have $6 trillion assets in Unites states. Riyadh is America’s largest arms buyer (over $300 billion). Contrary to that Israelis have sucked over $3 trillion from American taxpayers and $93 billion from German taxpayers.

Saudi military and terrorism is great but peanuts as compared to ethnic-cleansing and terrorism committed by the US and the Zionist entity.

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in United States have been blamed on many countries, such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Iran by American lawmakers and country’s pro-Israel, anti-Muslim media in the past. Lately, Saudi ‘royals’ have been added to the list.

I’m not saying that Saudi ‘royals’ have no part in 9/11. They provided the names of 15 of the 19 so-called hijackers. However, six of them were found alive and claimed that their identity cards were stolen. Saudi ‘royals’ may had provided necessary funds for Israeli Mossad to run the operation, but no one can prove that Saudi hijackers had the brains or expertise to pilot those four planes.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent rant at CNN accusing Saudi ‘royals’ for pulling 9/11 alone, was a desperate attempt to whitewash his beloved Zionist entity.

On Wednesday, when Obama landed at Riyadh international airport, no one from the ruling Saud family was there to receive the ‘world’s most powerful man’. It seems the ‘royals’ were infuriated at Obama throwing them under bus over Syria, Iran and 9/11. Obama was received at the airport by Govenor of Riyadh.


2 responses to “83 US Senators against arms sale to Saudi Arabia

  1. “Saudi ‘royals’ may had provided necessary funds for Israeli Mossad to run the operation, but no one can prove that Saudi hijackers had the brains or expertise to pilot those four planes.”

    Quite. Former member of German Bundestag, Andreas von Bülow, reported in a 2003 book “CIA and 9/11”, that the airliners hitting the Twin Towers probably were not piloted by the hijackers; these people lacked the know-how to do it. Instead, the airliners were remote-controlled from elsewhere, using a technique developed already in the 1970-ies at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). By this techniqe, the Control of an airplane can be taken care of from afar, and the conversation in the cabin can be monitored.

    No wonder the famous 28 pages in the report on 9/11 are still super secret.

  2. Addendum April 29: I read Mr von Bülow’s book a few years ago. Now, I have looked in it again. And his critique of the “official story” on 9/11 is absolutely devastating. One can only draw one conclusion — this was a false flag operation of the First Order.

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